Specially created kiosks to sell authentic snacks at Global Village

February 27, 2014 3:40 pm

Global Village, Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural destination, is providing visitors with the chance to sample foods that are being cooked up by different pavilions at Global Village in conjunction with the Dubai Food Festival 2014 celebrations. The countries at Global Village have positioned kiosks outside their pavilions to allow visitors to see the many authentic foods that are a large part of their tradition and heritage. It gives tourists and local residents a chance to experience a world of flavours they had yet to experience.

The pavilions taking part in Global Village’s ‘Flavours of the World’ experience are – Pakistan; UAE; KSA; India; Egypt; Morocco; Thailand; Turkey;;; Germany/UK/France; Yemen;; Bahrain; China; Tunisia, and Italy. Each provides a great look into what each country holds dear to its heart when it comes to authentic cuisine.

First stop on a tour of the ‘Flavours of the World’ should really start with India. The Indian Pavilion has brought in the northern Indian vegetarian restaurant, Chatori Gali. Visitors can pick up authentic Indian food at a reasonable price. Taste products such as Laccha Tokri and Dahi Bhalla. This is also one of the best places to pick up samosas in Global Village and finish it all off with a tille wali kulfi for dessert.

Visitors passing by the Turkish pavilion can pick up a hearty meal and snacks all from the kiosks situated outside the pavilion. A warm snack such as the rice, chicken and chickpeas will go down a treat with the family, and the assortment of breads filled with potatoes or lamb. Visitors are able to wash all this down with an assortment of popular drinks in Turkey including the famous Turkish coffee and tea, as well as lemon juice and labneh yogurt. Turkish Borek is also being served at the Turkish pavilion. This unique pastry originated from Turkey and has become popularized throughout Europe for its unique use of filo pastry to create a savory dish.

The Moroccan pavilion has lots of fantastic desserts that are uniquely Moroccan, such as the Kaab Al Ghazal, which are famously called ‘Gazelle Horns’. These unique pastry items are filled with almond paste and cinnamon, with a touch of orange flower water. There are a lot of Baghrir for visitors to try. Tourists should know that Baghrir are a pancake that, when cooked, have tiny unique holes all over the pancake that help soak up the sauce that they are served with.

If visitors want to experience the many Egyptian treats that Global Village has to offer then stopping by the Egyptian is a must for the kanafeh – syrup soaked cheese pastry that will have visitor’s mouths watering. This is also the place to pick up an assortment of authentic Egyptian treats such as atayef which is a pastry that is filled with nuts and drizzled in syrup.

For snacks that are a little bit out of the ordinary, but just as tasty, visitors should head over to the Thai pavilion and try out some authentic Thai snacks straight from Thailand. The Thai’s unique take on street vendors will ensure visitors have something completely new to experience. The dried shrimp and squid is a delicate snack that will have seafood fans very happy, and with all the dried fruit at the stall, visitors will be able to eat their favourite Thai fruits from home.

Pakistan has a great selection of curries and desserts for visitors to try, ranging from spicy to non-spicy, but all very tasty. The Haleem Chicken is proving to be very popular with visitors as it has a mild Dahl curry base with tender pieces of chicken in it. The Gulab Jamun is also one of the most widely recognized South Asian desserts, which is two soft balls of cake are served covered in syrup; this is the only way to end a great meal.

With all the pavilions offering up unique treats, snacks, and meals for visitors to Global Village’s ‘Flavours of the World’, there is bound to be something for people from all cultures to enjoy.