The spirit of “Abu Dhabi Reads” at the Abu Dhabi International Book fair

May 5, 2014 2:50 pm

Abu Dhabi Education Council participated in 24th Abu Dhabi International Book fair (ADIBF). The event came parallel with Abu Dhabi Reads campaign launched by ADEC in mid-April and aims to promote reading habits among students and community members. ADEC two pavilions offered a wide range of reading activities targeting all student categories.

ADEC had been keen on actively participating in ADIBF in order to help raise a generation equipped with knowledge and information necessary to contribute to the UAE’s socio-economic development. ADEC’s pavilions provided our students with a set of activities that target school students and focus on the four principles of the Campaign, which include reading for Knowledge, Fun, Opportunities and Inspiration.

ADEC arranged school visits to ADBIF since it is important for our students to visit the book fair in order to enjoy the various activities and also to promote student passion for acquiring knowledge.

Throughout the Fair, ADEC pavilions ware presenting various activities and events including storytelling, creative thinking games, “arrange words & sentences in order” contest, creative fingers, puppet theatre, information bank, science around us, white geometry, brainstorming games, wire loop games, science in kitchen & bathroom and newspaper engineer contest.

“Abu Dhabi Reads” pavilions activities within ADBIF helped children develop their literacy skills within an enjoyable environment, broaden their imagination, improve their talents, enhance their creative thinking skills, introduce positive behaviors & attitudes and enhance team work skills.

LRC specialists at ADEC schools and talented students as were participating in these activities.