Starbucks Reserve Ultra Premium Coffee line arrives at The Dubai Mall

April 10, 2014 11:35 am

The world’s leading coffee retail chain has launched Dubai’s first Starbucks Reserve store at The Dubai Mall. Set in the Grand Atrium close to the Grand Drive Entrance, the new store offers connoisseurs an opportunity to taste the range of specially selected single-origin coffees, and is also home to the unique Clover brewing system.

Introducing a new quintessential Starbucks experience, this Reserve store is a stunningly wonderful environment filled with the tempting aromas of some of the world’s finest coffees, accompanied by high-end pastries and food offerings.

Rana Shaheen, regional communications and CSR manager at Starbucks MENA, explained the passion that Starbucks brings to the project. “People who really love coffee are always searching for new sensory experiences from their favourite beverage,” she said. “With the opening of the Starbucks Reserve™ store at The Dubai Mall, we aim to grant customers the opportunity to not only discover new unique coffee flavours from exotic locations, but also create a sanctuary in which they can enjoy their coffee in their third place between home and work. This opening is a very proud moment for us, and we invite anyone who loves coffee to come and taste this wonderful range.”

The Clover® brewing system uses innovative Vacuum-Press technology to create every cup of coffee right in front of the customer. It controls brew time and temperature digitally, as even small changes can dramatically affect the outcome of the coffee’s taste, giving the customer the ultimate coffee experience. All of Starbucks’ coffees are selected for their quality and carefully roasted to bring out their individual flavours. Starbucks Reserve™ has become a home for this latest machine, offering customers a new era in the coffee industry for the first time in the UAE.

In addition to Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, the store features a sophisticated interior design focusing on customised artwork. The selection aims to tell the story of the Reserve brand from the small frames display to the treated timber artwork positioned behind the counter. The colourways, seating styles, and materials have all been selected to create a unique ambience and elegant setting for a high profile overall experience.

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