Students’ delegation of Safra Intermediate School for girls enjoy field trip to Junaid Perfumes’ Factory

May 31, 2014 4:05 pm

Students’ delegation of Safra Intermediate School for girls enjoyed a recent trip to Junaid Perfumes’ factory-the leading perfumers in the region- where they learnt about how perfumes, scents and different kinds of accessories are being created.

A group of Junaid Perfumes’ staff greeted and welcomed the students and took them on a very detailed and guided tour all around the factory.

They followed the process of producing the exclusive range of the western and the oriental perfumes, the scented lotions, the scented accessories in addition to the traditional incense burners. It was thoroughly fascinating to watch.

Fahad Jaweed Junaid, Marketing Executive Director in Junaid Perfumes, has conveyed his appreciation for Safra Intermediate school for girls for organizing this valuable and educational trip, “I was extremely happy to see the smiles and the amazed facial expressions over the students’ faces, as they were moving from one corner to another around the factory. They were incredibly taken by the production process of the perfumes and incense burners,” he said.

“These kinds of trips widen the students understanding of the real world outside them. In addition, it gives them an insight into the work world and employment,” he added.

Established in 1910, Junaid Perfumes is one of the oldest perfumers in the GCC and has significantly grown in repute and stature over the years. Today the company operates over 120 exclusive retails across the world.