Success story of chocolate factory in GCC

March 17, 2014 10:37 am

In July 2013, Crystal Chocolatier, a Lebanese chocolate factory and wholesaler, announced, through a press release, the expansion of its factory. To penetrate new markets, Crystal Chocolatier went online by building a professional and optimized website which helped them achieve their goal.

According to Mrs. Darine Zwainy, partner in Crystal Chocolatier, the online strategy was a big success: “We are now being contacted by retailers in several countries in the Middle East like KSA, Qatar, and Bahrain, wanting to deal with us.”

And after asking her how these businesses found their contact information, she replied: “They found our website through search engines. The SEO strategy our marketing team applied made our website appear in the top results of Google search which helped the factory become visible worldwide.”

This online strategy supported Crystal Chocolatier on many levels. Even though the factory is located in Lebanon, due to the virtual presence on the World Wide Web, the business became visible and known abroad. As a result of this exposure, the business turnover grew significantly. The 9 months following the creation of the website, Crystal Chocolatier’s turnover increased by around 150%. The online presence established a trustworthy image of the factory and increased the credibility of the business; but most importantly, it made the wholesaler easily accessible to the growing demand of the region in chocolate supply.

For 2014, Crystal Chocolatier is confident that the factory will have a bigger exposure in the region and will acquire new market shares. “For now, our main objective is mostly the GCC region, we will multiply our online efforts to reinforce our presence. But on the long run, we are exploring the possible expansion in Asia or other continents, both ways, with the current strategy, we are getting contacted from Australia, the US, and other countries,” Mrs. Zwainy stated.

As a conclusion, Crystal Chocolatier is proud of the online strategy results. It is a cost effective way to expose a business, which is very hard to export, to new markets. In fact, the website diluted the geographical boundaries of the industrial business and made it easily reached and contacted through the web.


Darine Zwainy
Crystal Chocolatier
Main Road, Simqanieh, Lebanon
Tel: +961 5 502 828