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Successful Endoscopic Disc surgeries in Abu Dhabi

August 3, 2014 3:40 pm

Al Noor Hospital Airport Road Campus has successfully performed ‘Endoscopic Discectomy’, a minimally invasive disc surgery on patients who suffered from disc pain.

Unlike the open disc surgery procedure, the new approach uses highly developed endoscope and medical equipment that allow the surgeon to have direct access to the affected area through an incision that is as small as 0.5 cm.

The minimally invasive technique is performed on an out-patient basis, allowing patients to recover and resume their normal daily activities in much less time than in an open surgery.

Dr. Kassem Alom, CEO of Al Noor Hospitals Group, said, “We are steadfast in our quest to continually adopt breakthrough technologies and international best practices to ensure optimum results and to help alleviate patient suffering.” Dr. Alom added, “The majority of the medical and surgical departments in our Group perform operations using laparoscopic surgery as an alternative to traditional open surgeries, tremendously reducing the length of stay of patients in hospitals by more than 70%. Most importantly, such techniques achieve better results in terms of patient recovery and comfort, allowing patients to resume their normal daily activities much faster in comparison to traditional methods of surgery.”

Dr. Issam Souliman Khoury, Consultant Neurosurgery at Al Noor Hospital – Airport Road Campus, said, “The endoscopic disc surgeries were all successful, in approximately 30 minutes we were able to physically remove the disc through an incision of 0.5 cm, using advanced laparoscopic instruments instead of an incision that could reach up to 10 cm in open surgeries.”

“The advanced technique allows surgeons to get a close-up look at the affected area without causing any damage to the the neural tissues inside the spinal canal or to the muscle tissue. The surgery is performed on an out-patient basis and patients may resume their normal daily activities in a period of 3 to 7 days versus the 5 day hospital stay and the one month recovery period that followed a traditional open disc surgery in the past,” said Dr. Khoury.

Dr. Khoury stated, “Spinal disc problems is very common in the UAE and may be caused by unsafe lifting of heavy objects, being overweight and not preventing back injuries. It is estimated that 90% of the community experience back pain once in two years, 30% of them require seeing a doctor due to the severity of the pain and 10% of them need surgery. In some cases, surgery may be postponed and in other cases immediate surgery may be required.”

Undergoing the appropriate surgery at the right time to treat a spinal disc disease remains to be the best solution for the problem as it surpasses the results of a Neurolysis or laser heating that have proved to be inefficient.