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Surgeons at Women’s Hospital perform first robotic hysterectomy

February 17, 2014 10:49 am

A team of surgeons at Hamad Medical Corporation’s Women’s Hospital has successfully performed the hospital’s first hysterectomy procedure using robotic surgical tools. The operation was performed by Dr. Thomas Bosmar, a consultant of robotic surgery, and Dr. Moayyad Younis, consultant of endoscopic and robotic surgery at the hospital.

The procedure typically takes 40-45 minutes to perform, which is roughly half the time of a conventionally performed procedure.

Nour, the forty-year-old patient, was referred to Women’s Hospital after visiting a primary health care center and exhibiting strong internal pain in her womb over a period of three years. Following her diagnosis, it was confirmed that a hysterectomy was imperative.

Dr. Younis explained, “This particular patient was unacquainted with robotic surgery, so a thorough explanation of the procedure helped to assure her of the benefits of this type of operation being a quicker, more accurate and safer option. Success rates of robotically performed hysterectomies exceed 95%. With more patient education, we anticipate an increase in the number of similar procedures in the future.” “The surgeon’s expertise, the efficiency of the surgical instruments used, and the pre-operative / post-operative safety measures taken throughout the process all play a pivotal role in the success of the procedure,” Dr. Younis added.

Robotic surgery is becoming more commonly utilized in cases involving the removal of tumors, lymph nodes, hysterectomy, and oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). It is also useful for exploring latent diseases that may not otherwise be discovered through conventional surgery, and guiding the surgeon to suspected tissues to take biopsies.

“The hospital’s management is coordinating with Qatar Foundation’s Robotic Surgery Center to conduct training sessions geared towards upgrading surgeons’ skills in the use of robots in surgery. In addition, HMC’s Surgery Training Center, which will help to improve surgery techniques in Qatar, will soon be inaugurated,” said Dr. Moayyad Younis.

Nour was unsure about having the procedure conducted using robotics and needed convincing before undergoing the surgery. “I was reluctant at first, but the doctor assured me that in my case robotic surgery would be safer and faster than conventional surgery. My daughter researched robotic surgery on the internet and helped convince me. I am happy with the outcome of the procedure, and advise patients with the same condition not to hesitate to undergo robotic surgery,” she said.

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