Survival rates for Arab patients with thyroid cancer improved by latest minimally invasive and robotic surgery technology

April 20, 2014 3:46 pm

A number of advances in the diagnosis and treatment of differentiated thyroid cancers now exist. These include molecular diagnostics, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery as well as robotic techniques. Patients in the Middle East are now benefitting from these improved modalities that lead to earlier detection and diagnosis, and therefore increase survival rates.

Dr Anjum Naveed, Senior Consultant ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon, The Indus Hospital, Pakistan, spoke about the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques for thyroid surgery at the 11th Middle East Update in Otolaryngology Conference & Exhibition (ME-OTO) which opened this morning at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena, Dubai, UAE. The event continues on 21-22 April and will attract 1,600 healthcare professionals working in the Otolaryngology and ENT fields in the Middle East region.

“Differentiated thyroid carcinoma is quite common in Middle East. The latest techniques in diagnostics and post treatment follow ups are lessening the chances of recurrence of the cancer. These new modalities lead to early detection of recurrent malignant lesions and its management; as a result the survival rate is increased for patients with thyroid carcinoma,” says Dr Naveed.

Thyroid cancer exists in several forms. These tumours exist along a spectrum of differentiation, and their incidence continues to climb. A number of advances in the diagnosis and treatment of differentiated thyroid cancers now exist. These include molecular diagnostics and more advanced strategies for risk stratification. Medullary cancer arises from the parafollicular cells and not the follicular cells. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment differs from those of differentiated thyroid tumours.

According to Dr Naveed, “Thyroid surgery has revolutionized over the past decades. Now patients and surgeons have many options that range from minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, to scar less neck surgery. Due to development in robotic technology the procedures are more precise and less complicated.”

In a study conducted at Tawan Hospital in Al Ain, UAE, the medical records of 135 patients with thyroid carcinoma diagnosed over a 15-year period (1991-2005) were studied. It was concluded that thyroid carcinoma in the UAE seems to be more common among females under the age of 45. There for the age and gender of the patient may be a possible prognostic and risk factor.

Thyroid cancer has become the second most common cancer among young Saudi women with a male to female ratio at 0.3:1. Rising incidence of thyroid cancer in Saudi Arabia may be due to the increased detection and diagnosis of the thyroid cancers and not only an increase in the true occurrence of thyroid cancer.

The Otolaryngology Exhibition is the MENA region’s largest show for head and neck surgeons, ENT specialists, and audiologists. The exhibition hosts more than 56 companies from 18 countries showcasing healthcare technology and innovation from across the otolaryngology medical sector. Medical education for the conferences is provided by the Cleveland Clinic.

“Cleveland Clinic is known for its strong, long-standing commitment to education. We’re proud to share our expertise in the Middle East region, and specifically in the United Arab Emirates. Our role in this premier otolaryngology conference in the region is exciting,” Michael Benninger, MD, Chair of the Head and Neck Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA commented. “In addition to physicians coming to speak at the 11th Annual Middle East Otolaryngology Conference & Exhibition – Head and Neck Surgery, Cleveland Clinic supports and accredits the conference under its Center for Continuing Education. One of my talks will be about the impact of endoscopic sinus surgery on healthcare use while Dr. Raj Sindwani, Physician at the Otolaryngology department at Cleveland Clinic will discuss endoscopic orbital decompression and other cutting-edge procedures.”

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