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TAGUCB students visit Muharraq geriatric hospital

April 14, 2014 3:04 pm

As part of its responsibility toward the society, Talal Abu Ghazaleh University College of Business (TAGUCB) has recently organized a voluntary visit for their health team to Al Muharraq geriatric hospital. The event came as part of the collage’s Health campaign “Bahrain illness free”, which aims to raise awareness of community service values as well as promote healthy lifestyle among students.

During the visit, Ayat Al Tarawneh the head of the Health team at TAGUCB accompanied with a group of students visited four wards in the house, housing over 70 elderlies from both genders.

The participants have also engaged in side chats with the aged, besides to providing them with healthy fruits, in order to bring happiness, joy and relief to the elderly.

“Today we have met a real role models in life, we have touched the hope and the joy in the souls of the elderly. They are real fighters, despite the illness and the aging issues. Some of them are learning new hobbies and handcrafts such as painting, ceramics and pottery arts. This experience would definitely not be forgotten by our dear students,” Ms. Al Tarawneh said. “I also would like to convey our gratitude and thanks to the competent and faithful medical team who are providing an extraordinary medical care and services to our blessed elderly,” she added.

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