Teach For Qatar’s First Cohort begins rigorous training at the Summer Institute

June 30, 2014 12:36 pm

Teach For Qatar Fellows began this week the TFQ Summer Institute, a two-month induction to the program, in preparation for their placement in 11Independent Schools at the beginning of the academic year 2014-15.

Once they complete the Summer Institute, which comprises theoretical and practical training sessions, Fellows will be placed in a 2 year full-time teaching positions, teaching English, Math or Science.
According to Noor Al Khater, Head of Training and Support at TFQ, the Summer Institute is tailored to meet Qatar’s educational needs, and incorporates elements of several programs including the Teaching As Leadership framework.

“The Summer Institute is the beginning of a two-year journey that provides Fellows with transferrable leadership skills that can be used to further their success in whichever career path they choose to pursue at the end of their Fellowship,” Al Khater added.

TFQ had welcomed its first cohort of teaching Fellows, made up of outstanding university graduates and young professionals, into Teach For Qatar following a highly-selective assessment process that tested their knowledge of specific subject areas as well as their ability to lead, inspire, and act as role models in the classroom and community.

Mohammed Fakhroo, Teach For Qatar’s CEO, welcomed the inaugural cohort, and thanked the Fellows for taking the opportunity to be part of the solution to Qatar’s education challenges.

“Since we began the search for our first group of Fellows, we had our sights set on attracting talented and skilled young leaders who can do more than teach in the classroom,” he said. “Having received interest from over 700 prospective Fellows in the course of only three months, our recruitment team has hand-selected a cohort that is nothing short of exceptional.”

Born of the belief that the next generation of leaders should be inspired by the best in the country, TFQ recruits the country’s young leaders to take part in an intensive teacher-training program and a two-year teaching placement in Qatar’s Independent Schools.

Ibrahim Yasser, a Qatar University graduate with a degree in Finance and Marketing, commented on choosing to pursue a teaching career with Teach for Qatar, saying, “It is time for us to give back to Qatar; a country that has provided us with the tools to prosper locally and globally. Based on my experience as an Independent School graduate, I understand that students are looking for a role model, a friend and an educator.”

“TFQ’s Summer Institute will put us in a position to succeed as teachers and mentors, helping us instill future generations with insights into leadership, teamwork and critical thinking,” added Yasser.
TFQ is part of a broader initiative by HE Sheikha Hind bintHamad Al Thani to develop innovative solutions to Qatar’s education challenges. The organization has partnered with 11 Independent Schools in Qatar so far, who will be receiving TFQ Fellows at the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year.