Team category opens for Qatar’s first-ever ultra-marathon

March 1, 2014 10:23 am

Aspire Logistics announced that the International 6:50, Qatar’s first ever ultra-marathon, will be open to teams. The new category will allow groups of five members to compete in a relay format over the 50 kilometer target, with each team member running 10 kilometers.

The new category has been designed as an introductory course for novice ultra-marathon runners. It is hoped that members of the community looking to challenge themselves will form a team and also participate. The AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) measured route will feature a five kilometer track around Aspire Zone and each team member will be required to complete two circuits of the route.

The International 6:50 is set to take place on Thursday, March 6. The race will start at 6pm and, with a deadline of 12am, runners will have just six hours to complete the course.

Phillip Templar, Director of Venues and Events from Aspire Logistics, said, “Aspire Logistics is very excited about hosting the International 6:50 here in Doha as it is the first time an ultra-marathon has been held in Qatar. The team category gives people the chance to be introduced to long distance running and also encourages a social element with the enjoyment of being able to compete with friends and family as a team.”

Registration for the event is open to men and woman aged 18 and over.

Aspire Logistics constantly seeks new and innovative ways to shape a healthy, sports-loving society, and the International 6:50 Race is its latest offering. Past events include Qatar’s Strongest Man and Doha Jam, Qatar’s premier street basketball tournament.


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