Teams of HMC physicians graduate from quality improvement program

June 9, 2014 9:07 am

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) has recently graduated teams of physicians who have completed their quality improvement projects from the program’s sixth cycle.

The four-month long classroom course and intensive small-group coaching aimed to teach HMC physicians key tools for quality improvement and then guides participants to design and undertake their own quality improvement projects across HMC departments.

The CCITP is an initiative between Medical Administration and Medical Education departments at HMC and has become an important platform toward improving patient care, even winning the Managing Director’s Special Award at the Stars of Excellence ceremony in October 2012.

A total of 18 projects from the sixth cycle were showcased during the graduation ceremony attended by Professor Michael Richmond, Acting Chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs at HMC. More than 40 HMC physicians from 18 different clinical departments participated in the course, using the skills taught in the classroom to design unique approaches to problems in their departments. The range of problems they tackled included: reducing infection rates; improving handovers and examination documentation; patient satisfaction; and other issues that have valuable impacts on HMC. The results of their projects were wide-ranging.

CCITP Program Manager Dr. Reham Negmeldin recalled: “The CCITP was tailored to bring in physicians to lead quality improvement. The first cycle happened in 2012 and we had at that time thought that we could hardly go for one or two cycles because we felt we wouldn’t get enough physicians to take part.” “However, it has been better with every cycle than we initially thought. Physicians are getting inspired, they are exceeding our expectations, they are leading, they are learning. They are enjoying what they are doing by spreading the knowledge to their team members. And some are coming back as coaches for new teams,” she said.

She mentioned that the program is being aligned with bigger projects like the newly launched Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute and the clinical fellowship program offered with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

In all, up to 220 physicians from across all eight HMC hospitals have been trained over the past six cycles taking part in around 93 projects in all disciplines. A total of 38 coaches have also being trained to assist participants in the program.

CCITP Coach of the Coaches, Dr. Sajith Pillai explained that coaching is one of the three pillars that make the program work saying: “We have participants in the program joining as coaches and this is a voluntary effort by physicians outside their regular duties. They come in because they enjoy coaching under the program.”

“We provide training to coaches in order to cope with all issues concerning the program. We provide them with the skills on conflict management and leadership. Coaches also get certificates and Continuing Medical Education points. We provide ongoing training to them as well,” adding that HMC is always looking at opportunities to get more advanced certified training for committed coaches who will be given additional support to improve their quality skills.

Meanwhile, the CCITP will begin its seventh cycle in September with more physicians from around different clinical departments expected to participate.