TEDxBinnenhof in Beirut’s markets

April 2, 2014 11:55 am

TEDxBinnenhof celebrates innovation and ideas, inspires, and shows the way forward to a better world. It’s the place for the passionately curious, can-do visionaries and fearless mavericks.

“Global Challenges | Dutch Solutions” is this year’s TEDxBinnenhof theme. We want to show the world that even though The Netherlands is a small country, the Dutch have a lot to offer when it comes to innovation. But why not bring these innovative ideas to Lebanon, and see how innovative and creative minds tackle similar problems here?

In catwalk-like setting, Dutch and Lebanese innovative solutions will be presented in The Venue (Beirut Souks) on April 3rd. Global challenges such as waste management, energy, sustainability, pollution and entrepreneurship will be tackled. In order to get the Dutch ideas to Beirut, TEDxBinnenhof given in The Hague will be (partially) screened in Beirut.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beirut will thus create a simulcast TEDx event and is therefore an official viewing partner of TEDxBinnenhof. We will screen three inspiring TEDxBinnenhof talks given in The Hague.

– BERT WECKHYZEN focuses mainly on analyzing and dissecting chemical and catalyst processes for optimization. The resulting knowledge plays an important role in designing the city of the future. By showing the latest technological advancements Weckhuysen will present his ideas on how to make the city more sustainable for generations to come.

– MARJOLEIN HELDER develops products through which living plants can generate electricity. The technology makes it possible to produce electricity with living plants at practically every site where plants can grow. The technology is based on natural processes and is safe for both the plant, and its environment.

– JEOFFREY VAN DEN BERG is a modern high-tech entrepreneur; Jeoffrey has a vision of changing the chemical industry. In his view, big factories are a thing of the past; the future belongs to smaller plants. Materials, ingredients and additives should be made on the spot, where and as they are needed. He believes that, with his spinning disc technology, he has made a big step forward in realizing this scenario.

In the light of these screenings, we invited three inspiring Lebanese professionals with backgrounds in similar fields to give a TEDx talk about their experience and creative solutions in Lebanon in similar fields.

– ZIAD ABICHAKER is a multi-disciplinary engineer who specializes in building Municipal Recycling Facilities on the communal level going against the trend of a central mega recycling Plant. He wants to accomplish a zero waste society. But how does he want to accomplish this?

– PIERRE EL KHOURY is the Director for the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation. He wants more clean technology and green energy in Lebanon. But how is this possible in a country like Lebanon?

– DAVID MUNIR NABTI (DMN) works to support high impact innovation and entrepreneurship. He is co-founder and CEO of AltCity, a new media/tech/social impact collaboration space, startup accelerator and support space in Beirut. Where does he see chances and challenges for entrepreneurship in Lebanon – a country that does not genuinely attract investors due to its unstable situation?

MAXIME CHAYA, Lebanon’s foremost sportsman and climber and the first person to hoist the Lebanese flag atop the Mount Everest, will present this inspirational evening. TEDxBinnenhof takes place at April 3rd in the Venue, Beirut Souks, Downtown from 5:00pm onwards.