Texas A&M at Qatar and Maersk Oil Qatar host Future Aggie Engineers STEM Program

April 24, 2014 11:02 am

Forty three grade 10 and 11 students from Qatar’s independent high schools participated in the Future Aggie Engineers STEM – science, technology, engineering and math Development Program organized by Texas A&M at Qatar and sponsored by Maersk Oil Qatar at the University’s Engineering Building at Education City 13-17 April.

The University designed the program to familiarize young students with the different engineering disciplines offered at Texas A&M at Qatar. The program entailed science activities, hands-on engineering projects and a computer-assisted design (CAD) contest to challenge students’ design and creative skills.

Dr. Nimir Elbashir, associate professor of chemical engineering at Texas A&M at Qatar, said, “Texas A&M University at Qatar continues its efforts to reach out to Qatar’s middle and high school students to educate and recruit them into the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, which are of great importance to Qatar’s economy and its national vision 2030. This program is part of our outreach activities to introduce Qatar’s next generation of engineers to the role each of the University’s engineering discipline plays in the real world and how engineering contributes to making a difference in the future of Qatar, the region and the world.”

The five-day program entailed activities to familiarize students about the University’s student life and opportunities. Students were divided into teams to work on engineering hands on projects, and CAD contest to challenge their math, science and design skills. They learned about engineering concepts, design, teamwork and creativity through different activities conducted in labs. The students also visited the Maersk Oil Research and Technology Centre at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). During the tour the students learned about the three key research areas undertaken at the facility including horizontal well technology, enhanced oil recovery methods and environmental research. They also experienced the new digital core lab, visualization room where they learned about the marine biodiversity and whale shark projects and received an overview of the Al Shaheen field and operations through the center’s interactive LEGO model.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Fahad Al-Thani, deputy managing director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said, “Maersk Oil Qatar is proud to partner with Texas A&M University at Qatar for this important and rewarding program. We congratulate all the students for completing the Future Aggie Engineers STEM development program for high schools. Maersk Oil Qatar is dedicated to building capacity and skills in Qatar in STEM education through a wide range of initiatives such as this. Partnering with some of Qatar’s leading academic institutions, we aim to attract more young Qataris into science and engineering fields of study, and inspire Qatar’s next generation to follow technical educational tracks that can lead to successful and rewarding careers in industries like oil and gas. Building on the success of this edition of Future Aggie Engineers , Maersk Oil Qatar is committed to supporting many more students in finding their passion for science and engineering, and fulfill their future ambitions.”

????”We are also delighted that the students had the chance to visit the Maersk Oil Research and Technology Centre at QSTP earlier in the week. It is a remarkable place undertaking pioneering projects. I hope it has inspired them about what is possible within the fields of science, and the important role which research and innovation has in leading industries like ours????,” added Sheikh Faisal??????????

During the program, all students participated in a CAD competition to enhance their design skills. The students worked in groups to design their own models. The goal of this activity is to measure the students’ creative abilities through design, and to enrich their scientific and technical knowledge. On the last day of the event, different teams displayed their designs in front of faculty judges who identified the winning teams.

Yasser Al Hamidi, laboratory manager and CAD competition instructor, said, “Design competitions sharpen students’ skills, show their creativity, fuel their interest in STEM, and help them to understand STEM concepts and demonstrate practical examples of these concepts.”

On the last day, winning students were announced based on the level of innovation, creativity and novelty. In addition, their CAD designs were qualified for its functionality, quality and marketability.

Texas A&M at Qatar, with support from Maersk Oil Qatar, hosts a series of STEM development programs that teach young Qataris basic principles of science and engineering. More importantly these programs are designed to stimulate students’ interest in pursuing engineering studies, inspiring them to develop the skills they will need to help build their country’s future. Texas A&M University at Qatar, with the support of Maersk Oil Qatar, will continue to host STEM Development programs such as the Future Aggie Engineers and the previous Engineering Explorers programs that help promote engineering as a field of study by inspiring prospective students to contribute to Qatar’s fast-growing economy and its national vision.

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