Texas A&M University at Qatar encourages Qataris to participate in research programs of CERN in Geneva

July 20, 2014 10:49 am

Texas A&M at Qatar Research Associate Professor and Director of Research Computing, Othman Bouhali, leads his research team endeavors of CERN. Bouhali engages his Qatari students and researchers in CERN, which he has been giving 20 years of contributions.

Abdulla Al-Suwaidi, the first Qatari student at Texas A&M at Qatar, who travelled to CERN 19-28 June to participate in a training workshop on radiation detectors that focused on the detector operation and assembly, quality control checks, gain uniformity measurements, control and analysis software. This training prepares Al-Suwaidi for real-life experiments at the organization starting in October 2014. Bouhali’s team also included Maya Abi Akl, a lab coordinator at Texas A&M at Qatar, who works closely with Al-Suwaidi.

“My trip to CERN allowed me to experiment some of the most advanced physics in our era. I found the trip a great opportunity to enrich my understanding and gain a hands-on experience of the detectors used in the LHC. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that Qatar is still not a member. CERN is currently conducting the most advanced experiments in physics, and by Qatar becoming a member, no doubt will it reflect positively on the country’s view for the future as well as its concern for research and development,” Abdulla said.

“It’s amazing how they use the largest instruments to examine the tiniest particles. I wonder how they manage to combine all the efforts of the scientists and engineers into these giant state of the art accelerators and detectors. Unless you see them, you will not truly appreciate the accomplishments, on both scientific and organizational levels. It’s such a remarkable and unforgettable experience,” Maya said. The Qatar team is supported by the National Priorities Research Program of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

CERN, founded in 1954 in Geneva- Switzerland, is the largest research center in the world that has twenty-two country of the European Union in addition to countries such as the US, Russia and Japan. However, other Middle East countries are also actively involved in its research programs such as Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.

The research activities of the center are many and include vital areas such as particle and ion accelerators and radiation and particles monitoring devices, applications in the fields of medicine such as cancer treatment research with charged particles and diseases diagnosis via advanced photography techniques. In addition to many activities in the areas of computer applications and supercomputing. CERN also includes training programs for students and professors in several areas.

Bouhali is also working on forming a consortium in Qatar to enable Qatar to join CERN as an official member country which will be a unique advantage to Qatar in the region and helps Qatar achieve its national vision strategic goals of development.

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