Thumbay Group establishes more Retail Pharmacies in UAE

April 3, 2014 9:30 am

The Thumbay Group UAE, an international business conglomerate has expanded its Retail Pharmacy Division by opening two new pharmacies in Ajman. Earlier known as GMC Pharmacies, the group has rebranded the pharmacies as Thumbay Pharmacy. We have rebranded our pharmacies as Thumbay brand is very popular and it connects well with our customers, says Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Director Healthcare Operations and Retail Division of Thumbay Group UAE.

The new outlets were opened by Mr. Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen Chairman BA Group India and Mrs. Beefathima Ahmed Haji in the presence of Thumbay Group’s Founder President Mr. Thumbay Moideen and a host of other dignitaries and group officials.

With a strong backing of our professional team, our brand was able to position itself as the most trusted brand in healthcare retailing. We have Hospital pharmacies, attached to our hospitals that serve outpatient and inpatient prescriptions, Clinical pharmacy, that supports the hospital pharmacy services in implementing international best practices in medication management and use and Retail pharmacy that operates the stand alone community pharmacies.The retail formats are well stocked in premium quality products from various categories including personal care, home health care, mother and baby care, nutrition etc.

As a renowned healthcare service provider in the region, we wish to open more retail pharmacies with an aim to be closer to the community offering easy access to the people.Our focus is on retail and other merchandise and we take pride in our high service standards. We embark on a never ending journey of quality improvement in products, services and processes across our various businesses. At Thumbay Pharmacies we promote Quality retailing.We are targeting at opening ten more Thumbay Pharmacies in UAE this year and over 50 pharmacies will be established in the next 5 years.

Thumbay Pharmacy has a very customer friendly layout with premium quality products matching international standards. We accept insurance patients from almost all major insurance companies in the country. Special Offers are available at all Thumbay Pharmacies, concluded Mr.Akbar.