Trumpisation awaits the world

February 12, 2017 9:44 am

The benefits of a successful Trumpisation can ensure the continuity of the US. (Image: Reuters)

The successful Trumpisation of America and the revival of American entrepreneurialism at grassroots levels across the nation will send the world two powerful messages: first, that the traditionally institutionalised and organised bureaucracy of government leadership that is intentionally designed to operate like a very slow, dysfunctional machine is now a last-century model and needs to be replaced, immediately. Second, nouveau entrepreneurialism of the new global age is the last frontier left to revive national economical disasters.

If Trumpisation fails, the United States and the world populace will wake up to the realisation that those nations that can easily get spellbound by fake news must come to grips with the real and hidden powers of each and every citizen’s single vote.

With many more major regime-changing elections pending, the pendulum is on a robust swing. Observe the speed of change; watch it unfold live; participate in all the positive and logical progress.

Global age execution

Nobility and aristocracy were both decimated during the horse-and-donkey days of the renaissance, when smartness was deployed with homing pigeons. Supremacy of information was established.

During every century, on the business front, the power of the establishment and its wealth gets less and less important. What becomes important is the speed and styles of execution. A deeper study of game disruption provides the proof.


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Technocalamity creates fear, takes over daily procedures and creates emptiness; it can be filled either by bureaucracy or by innovative excellence and entrepreneurialism, provided the corporate leadership clearly understands difference and the grasp of new global age battlefields.

We are drowning and now we need lifeguards. It is time to kill overly duplicated concepts and stop staying lost in massive copycat clutter. Nurture originality, quality and extreme value creation. Eliminate extreme value manipulation. Stop over-packaging undervalued goods. Think thrice before consumption; ask each time if it’s really necessary. Think ten times before production and continually as if it’s real, real, real value, worthy of production.

A very bright future awaits for the bold.


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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