UAE University and Dolphin Energy Limited conduct safety awareness workshop

May 20, 2014 1:25 pm

UAE University joined forces with Dolphin Energy Limited to hold an educational workshop on the importance of safety and security when in proximity of the company’s UAE Gas Network.

Held at university campus in Al Ain, the workshop was attended by students and government employees. The event follows a similar workshop held in Fujairah last year in which high school students and government employees were briefed on the network.

In addition to receiving advice on safety and security, those participating were given an overview of Dolphin Energy’s operations and the importance of gas supply to the UAE. The workshop also included a question and answer session in which attendees interacted with the company’s senior management team.

Outlining the importance of the session, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansaari, CEO, Dolphin Energy Limited, said, “A considerable portion of our gas network is located in Al Ain and we wanted to remind attendees about the importance of acting safely and being vigilant at all times.” “The workshops in Al Ain and Fujairah have allowed us to engage with those who have a key role to play in spreading messages about the need for safety. Protecting local communities and enhancing the levels of safety is an imperative and we plan further initiatives of this nature in the future,” Mr Al Ansaari added.

Commenting on the impact of the workshop, Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Provost) of UAEU, said, “We are very pleased that Dolphin Energy has invested time and resources into conducting this workshop. It is important that our students are aware of the hazards of a gas pipeline network so that they can act responsibly when the need arise. It was also important to learn about the role the company plays in ensuring energy security for the UAE and the impact their gas has had in the development of the country.”

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