UAEU hosts 3,453 Freshmen in the Marhaba Alssaa Program

August 26, 2014 10:53 am

The United Arab Emirates University recently hosted the Marhaba Alssaa program for 3,452 freshmen (745 male students: 2,677 female students) and their parents. This is an annual event organized by the Student Affairs and Enrolment Department. The program runs from Sunday 24th of August until Wednesday 27th of August.

The Marhaba Alssaa Program includes a variety of activities. On Sunday, the students were met at the residence to find out about housing policies and regulations. The parents were also shown around the residence in order to examine the facilities offered in terms of food, housing and transportation to and from the university campus. Additionally, the parents were informed about placement tests in order to give them a general idea about the nature of the exams and to discuss the level and scientific capabilities of the students.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be other activities including placement tests, activities in the dormitory (an art festival) and an official welcome by the university administration. Parents and students will also be informed about the CEPA exam, academic counseling and other topics related to students both inside and outside of the residence.

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