University Hospital Sharjah opens children diabetes clinic

February 3, 2014 11:14 am

University Hospital Sharjah opened the country’s first of its kind children diabetes clinic, specialized in providing checkup, follow up and treatment for children diabetes and give diabetic children adequate training in self-monitoring techniques to control blood glucose levels within the target range and be well prepared to deal with the disease independently

The new medical facility is comprised of a medical team composed of children diabetes consultant, nutrition specialist, an awareness specialist on how to cope with the disease, psychological and social consultant to provide psychological support to children and family. In addition to the mentioned medical team, an ophthalmologist, kidney and gland consultants participate in providing the service. The clinic is equipped with ultra tech equipments to measure and monitor glucose levels in children and a specialized laboratory to conduct the necessary tests.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Najeeb Abdul Rahman, Pediatrics Consultant at the UHS, said: “The incidence of childhood diabetes has increased worldwide. The UAE is ranked 1st country in the region for children diabetes prevalence according to local health statistics. Diabetes is a leading cause of visual disability, kidney failure and lower limb amputation. Therefore, it is important to exert various efforts to prevent the spread of this disease”

“When it comes to children, it is difficult to control the movement activity and nutrition. Food and movement trigger insulin release in blood. We will focus in our new clinic on teaching children and preparing them for self-control, after the regular tests and evaluation. We will educate them how to read glucose levels in blood and determine their need of insulin accordingly. We have managed to training some children and achieve good results in 4 weeks only”, he added.

Pediatric consultant at the UHS stressed on the importance of joint efforts to help alleviate diabetes symptoms, particularly in children, including spreading awareness about disease among members of family, schools and communities, and in patients and healthy people. The new clinic will be committed to organize some activities related to this purpose and will join national efforts to help serve this important cause.

The children diabetes clinic at the UHS will use many types of treatment, including a monitoring device that is worn on the belt. The device tracks blood sugar all the day and night, with focus on time of food and activities, to enable diabetic children decide adjusting insulin therapy and/or activity levels based on the readouts. This will reduce the number of visits to clinics and will prepare child to directly deal with disease in all cases.

Psychological and social consultant at the clinic will provide psychological support to diabetic children and their families, who are suffering from difficulty in coping with the new health issue of their child. Consultant will use programs that help families cope with and positively respond to the child disease; therefore help the child achieve psychological stability, accelerate control of the disease and recovery and enjoy safe and healthy life for all members of the family.

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