University Hospital Sharjah stressed the efficiency of nursing profession in the UAE

May 21, 2014 2:21 pm

University Hospital Sharjah stressed the efficiency of nursing profession in the UAE and the high standards of nursing practices fostered in the country’s healthcare sector, making the sector at the forefront of industry development and innovation and ensuring the nursing performance is keeping pace with the healthcare growth in the country.

The hospital clarified that the efforts exerted in supporting nursing profession in the country include providing continuous career development and promoting professional, economic and psychological welfare of nurses in the workplace to help spur creativity, develop skills and keep them motivated.

The statement was made during a ceremony that was organized by the UHS at the conference hall on the occasion of the International Nursing Day, which was celebrated around the world under the theme “Nurses: A Force for Change – A vital resource for health”. The function was attended by members of the Board of Directors Dr Abdul Aziz Al Muhairi, Professor Hakam Yassin, Medical Director and Dr Yaseen Hayajneh, Chief Operating Officer as well as a number of members of the hospital’s nursing, medical and administrative teams.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Aziz Al Muhairi, Member of the UHS’s Board of Directors, said: “Nursing is a vital profession that is significantly supported in the country by continuous development and training for nurses both at the educational and practical levels. This approach has been apparent in the critical role played by the nursing colleges and healthcare institutions which support this important goal. On the occasion of the IND, we are pleased to honor a group of excellent performing nurses in recognition of their outstanding efforts”.

The honored nurses are from different departments including emergency department, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of pediatrics, department of premature neonatal infants, the outpatient department, the intensive care unit, operation department, childbirth and maternity care department and internal medicine and surgery departments. The event included a number of competitions and prizes for winners.

In the same context, the UHS organized a group day trip for the nursing team to the East Coast and Fujairah City. At the end of the honoring ceremony, nurses stressed the importance of such activities in refreshing and strengthening relationships between employees, enabling them to network and mingle away from daily work routine which will significantly help improve team spirit and productivity.

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