The University of Nizwa to shine as a beacon of scientific excellence as a Gold Sponsor for GHEDEX 2014

April 14, 2014 10:08 am

The University of Nizwa will shine as a beacon of scientific excellence as a Gold Sponsor for Oman’s leading Global Higher Education Exhibition-GHEDEX 2014 taking place from 22nd -24th April, 2014 at the Oman International Exhibition Centre.

“Why would a student opt to study at the University of Nizwa? The University of Nizwa is the premier University in the Al Dakhiliyah Region of Oman. Nizwa is one of the oldest cities in Oman, which has a rich legacy for being a historical center of trade, education, arts and religion. We have drawn from our affluent heritage and traditions, and integrated worldly scholarship with state-of-the- art technology to embark upon in the future. The University provides a huge scope of numerous options for Omani and international students. Students will find the University’s scientific programs flexible, modern and meet international standards” says Mr. Mahmood Al-Rawahi, Director of Media & Marketing, University of Nizwa.

The University of Nizwa was established in 2004 by decree of His Majesty as the first non-profit university in the Sultanate of Oman; it remains the only institution of its kind in the nation. It embarks upon its mission to revive that well established seat of knowledge through a 21st century productive university that shall strive to be a beacon (minaret) for knowledge and enlightenment, with three primary functions: dissemination of knowledge through teaching, contribution to knowledge production through research and contribution to development through community service. It’s mission is to be a center for knowledge and enlightenment to serve its local, regional, national, and international affiliates in developing sustainable growth and prosperity. Its primary purpose is to deliver a diverse learning experience that consists of academics and other life skills, which enables its graduates to meaningfully contribute to the progress of society.

The core values of the University revolve around academic excellence, leadership through research and technology, quality management and sustainable development. The University remains committed to its purpose of disseminating knowledge to ensure that its students learn and acquire necessary virtues and skills which will enable them to contribute effectively to the growth of society and its development through flexible programs that offer high degrees of academic qualification and intellectual development that makes the students goals an actual reality in a variety of global environments.

“Our undergraduate and graduate programs are varied and offered in multiple languages including Arabic, English, French and German. Students will also appreciate the opportunities provided for career development, training and opportunities for continuing education within and outside the University” concludes Mr. Al-Rawahi.
Organised by OITE Trade Fairs, under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education, GHEDEX 2014 will be held alongside the Training and Omanisation Exhibition-TRAINEX and JOBEX 2014 and will showcase the best programme and course options from leading higher education colleges and universities from within the region and abroad.