Upgrading Dubai’s public schools’ infrastructure to meet educational excellence target for 2021

August 16, 2014 12:18 am

Developing Dubai’s public schools’ infrastructure with an investment of Dh69m to meet the target of educational excellence for 2021 is a well-timed move by the Ministry of Education. Ahead of the new academic year, which will begin on August 31, 28 public schools across the UAE are being given improved facilities, such as the installation of air conditioners, which will amount to Dh33m. Besides this, 59 schools will receive upgrades worth Dh18m, Gulf News reported. With the bar being set very high for the field of education, the UAE is making sure it is creating a conducive environment for children in which to shape themselves as the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. A school is not just a bricks-and-mortar unit to house children for a few hours. It’s the incubator that births the future of a country.