Vichy unveils latest hair care innovation

February 19, 2014 4:53 pm

In a special event organized by Vichy on February 11th, more than 200 Pharmacists, and Media representatives from Lebanon discovered Dercos Neogenic Shampoo, the latest innovation from Vichy.

A year after the successful launch of Dercos Neogenic ampoules with the breakthrough 5% Stemoxydine molecule, Vichy does it again in Lebanon!

Once again, Vichy Research reaffirms its expertise in the field of hair growth with the innovative Dercos Neogenic Shampoo, the first densifying shampoo with Stemoxydine.

A 3 month application of Dercos Neogenic ampoules results in an average of over 1700 New Hair! The shampoo serves as a complement, giving hair immediate & long-lasting volume and visibly thicker & denser coverage. Both the ampoules and shampoo are scientifically formulated for men & women and exclusively sold in Pharmacies.

The event featured the renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Nancy Moufarrej who shared the expertise & research behind hair science. Dr. Moufarrej explained that “For a long time in hair loss research, the dormant phase of the hair cycle was somewhat ignored. The bulb is not in fact dead, it is simply asleep… now recent discoveries by Vichy research team on the localization and functioning of stem cells has turned our understanding upside down and opened up new dimensions.”

Ms. Darine Najem, General Manager of the Active Cosmetics Division at L’Oreal Levant, gave an insight into the world of Vichy and the extensive research behind its products backed up by cutting edge laboratories. Ms. Najem shared the global excitement about the innovation behind Neogenic’s Stemoxydine stating that “it is rare to have the chance to witness such a breakthrough, Neogenic is a revolutionary formula for hair rebirth, and a product that is answering the needs of many Lebanese men and women”. Ms. Najem ended by emphasizing the role of Pharmacists in Lebanon as partners in actively advising the right product to satisfy their clients’ needs.

All Lebanese men and women are invited to try the N°1 treatment for hair rebirth from Vichy available in Pharmacies across Lebanon.
For more information:
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Communication Manager
L’Oreal Levant
Tel : 01 511 420 (ext 701)