Visitors pass verdict on Ghedex Autumn

October 30, 2013 5:31 am

Held under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and organized by OITE Trade Fairs, Ghedex Autumn closed on a successful note on 28th October 2013. Over 42 Universities from top 7 higher education destinations were present to promote their courses and institutes at the 2 day event.

The Exhibition Centre received over 2000 visitors, over the course of two days at the Oman International Exhibition Centre, who were pleased with what the event had to offer. Visitors included parents of students, students, school faculty and academicians.

Ms. Nahid Said from Al Bayan College who is majoring in Journalism was covering the event on behalf of her college as part of her course and said, “Ghedex Autumn is a helpful event especially for students who have finished school and even those who haven’t. They see all the colleges at the same place and can search for the majors they want in the future and get explanations for queries they may have, since they can meet professionals from the fields which they are pursuing. They also get to see colleges in Oman and outside Oman so they have the option of studying within the country or abroad. Some colleges helped me to think about my future Master course as well.”

Ms. Wafaa Al Rashdi from Al Bayan College who is also majoring in Journalism said, “I think the exhibition is really great. It helped me personally because I am looking at options for my Masters Degree and I met a lot of colleges and universities from all around the world, so I think it’s a really excellent opportunity for high school, undergraduate or graduate students.”

Mr. Bejoy Kurian, School Counselor, Indian School Al Ghubra, said, “This is my first experience at Ghedex Autumn and even though it’s my first, It’s been a wonderful experience. I feel there are good options for 12th std. students and students from class 10 onwards. We have received good feedback from the participating stalls about the courses they are offering which includes the fees, entry requirements etc. Whatever we require as a parent or as a teaching faculty has been conveyed to us. This makes us feel perfectly motivated and we will definitely visit next time as well!”

Mr. Ajay Sharma whose son is studying in Indian School Muscat said that the trip to the exhibition had been for a personal reason, “My son will be passing out from school next year so I’m looking out for colleges he can pursue his further studies in. He will be looking to pursue his studies abroad probably in India or USA or Europe. So I’m making a note of all the courses and brochures, so that I can start preparing now. Ghedex Autumn has helped in a way because our focus was only engineering, but after coming here I see a lot of courses which can give him a good job opportunity in the future. So the event has opened my eyes to a lot of new courses!”

Ms. Sarika Gupta, Senior Counselor, Indian School Darsait, says she came to know about Ghedex Autumn through an invite that was sent out to the school which was passed onto her. “I’m finding the event very helpful and I can take back a lot for my students because there’s a lot of information here. I am planning to have a small career fair in my school to give my students exposure about different options, different places where they can study, as in an Indian School they can be very limited to studying in a particular place, or even within India they are confined to a particular area. So in that way I want to tell them that there is affordable education both in Oman and overseas. Every option is good but you should know what is there so you can make a choice!”

Mr. Hayder Kassad, Career Advisor, Counseling and Teacher, Qurum Private School, said “I brought my students here so that they could gather information on various departments and top universities here, be it from UK, USA, India, Malaysia etc. This is the first time I have come to Ghedex Autumn and we hope this exhibition could take place twice or thrice a month because students can have more time to look for their options and they have new experiences when they ask the professional representatives here.”

Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Head of Department, ICT, career counselor for students, Pakistan Private School Muscat brought over 32 students from his school and said they wanted to get information about universities from the world. “They found this exhibition very informative and the representatives briefed them with excellent information and I hope that this exhibition will be very useful for the students in their future career selection.”

Taking place for the first time in the Sultanate of Oman, under the banner of Oman’s preferred higher education event-Ghedex, Ghedex Autumn was supported by AMIDEAST, EducationUSA and British Council with Higher College of Technology as Lead Sponsor; BIGCHOICE Group, Times of Oman and Al Shabiba as Media Partners; and GAC as Official Clearing & Forwarding Agent.