Warba Bank honors its employees with “The Excellence Award”

March 21, 2015 9:00 am

Mr. Jassar Dakheel Al Jassar, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warba Bank

keeping on its tradition of appreciating the employees fundamental role in Bank growth and success, Warba Bank held its annual gathering at Arraya Hall where “Excellence Award” was presented to prominent employees from various groups and departments in recognition of their exceptional efforts and hard work in achieving the highest performance levels in line with quality standards which are strictly adopted by the Warba Bank that follows an approach for enhancing its position among Islamic local banks.

On this occasion, Mr. Jassar Dakheel Al Jassar, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warba Bank, said: “Warba Bank is always keen on encouraging and expressing appreciation for its employees for their efforts, enhancing their dedication towards achieving more positive results which are added to Warba achievements record. These positive results, due to Allah blessings and employees endeavors, are demonstrated in the considerable growth at all the Bank’s levels with notable growth in the Bank’s operational revenue and the financial portfolio.”

Al -Jassar added: “This Excellence Award is an appreciation by the Bank for the performance of employees and their achievements which are reflected in the Bank’s results through focusing on customers’ requirements and the applying the best marketing plans for the products we offer.”

Al- Jassar extended his congratulations to the honored employees for their outstanding performance and achieving the objectives of the duties assigned to them. Their performance emphasizes employees’ continuous support to the Bank. He also pointed out the added value they represent through their work on enhancing the work environment and performance efficiency thus raising staff morale and firing competition.

Al-Jassar continued: “We continue to hire high skilled people, in particular Kuwaiti talents, who are considered one of the pillars on which the Bank’s growth strategy and policy is established.”

Al- Jassar concluded: “We thank all Warba Bank employees and appreciate their efforts. We encourage them to continue their hard work to develop their skills and abilities for achieving best practices which will further develop the Bank’s performance in all sectors; in addition to further enhancing its role and position in the local and regional market alike.

During the event, a short video on the Bank’s journey and its achievements was presented. The event is marked by full reliance on the internal experience of Warba Bank staff, where a number of employees worked on preparing and developing the video and other activities of the event. This endorses the Bank’s authentic principle that the key investment is our human capital, something Warba Bank is very proud of.

Towards the end of the evening, appreciation certificates were distributed to awarded employees and memorable photos were taken in an atmosphere filled with love and exchange of congratulations on the ongoing success of the Bank and its employees. A number of entertainment episodes, general questions, completions draws on valuable prizes.

Warba Bank has recently added to its record the Best Call Centre Award 2014 from Banker Middle East Magazine for providing banking products and services in Kuwait by CPI FINANCIAL. This prestigious award is a further indication of the successes that the Bank has attained due to the expertise and efficiency of its employees.


AMEinfo Staff
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