Wasl supports education through scholarship programme at American University of Dubai

September 4, 2014 9:05 am

Wasl Asset Management, one of Dubai’s largest real estate organisations, announced the continuation of its partnership with the American University in Dubai (AUD) by providing scholarships to school graduates, with a new batch of three students now taking up their places at the start of the 2014/2015 academic year. The property management group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the renowned academic institution in 2009.

wasl’s MoU with AUD provides for ten of Dubai’s high school graduates to pursue university studies at AUD faculties, seven of which have already enrolled in the programme and are expected to graduate soon.

The agreement covers all tuition fees for students enrolled in its four-year courses. To ensure both the success and fairness of the initiative, the scholarships are awarded based on student merit and a proven track record of good grades. Candidates must meet AUD admission requirements, should have a score of at least 85% for their high school leaving exam and pass a selection interview.

“wasl is fulfilling the terms of its partnership arrangement with AUD by providing scholarships to a number of high school graduates who will be enrolling at AUD this month to commence their studies,” said Jassim Mohammed Al Jasmi, General Manager, Human Resources at wasl Asset Management Group. “wasl’s aim is to assist with Dubai government’s vision of building a knowledge-based economy and to stimulate youngsters to acquire the highest level of education and knowledge. We want to help young adults in the UAE to effectively break into the marketplace and to equip them with the confidence and ability to drive the country’s economy forward,” he added.

wasl also hires high school graduates with outstanding grades in full-time jobs across its various departments while giving them the opportunity to pursue higher education through the scholarship programme and supporting them with flexible working hours according to their study and exam schedules as per company policy.

“wasl is working in parallel with the plans set by the Dubai government for the development of human cadres to push Dubai’s growth onwards. We aim to assist in this vision by both providing initiatives for external students and by supporting our own employees with professional development opportunities,” said Al Jasmi. “We are looking forward to placing the new batch of scholarship students with AUD and to welcoming them to our organisation during their placements. We are proud to be sponsoring the next generation who will contribute to the growth and development of Dubai,” he added.

The company will continue to apply the terms of the MoU with AUD on an annual basis through on-going support by means of offering scholarships to outstanding students. These students will be invited to attend placements at the company’s various work sites, where they will receive vocational instruction in a professional environment. In addition to sponsoring studies at AUD, wasl is offering internships within its organisation for high school and university students so that they can gain valuable workplace experience.

wasl’s partnership with AUD is just one aspect of its support for further education in Dubai. The company has also entered into agreements with several other leading academic institutions. wasl says that it aims to provide optimal opportunities for its workers to pursue higher level studies in disciplines needed by Dubai’s labour market.