Win a healthy smile at Deerfields Townsquare during Oral Health Week

April 10, 2014 2:48 pm

Commemorating Oral Health Week, Deerfields Townsquare is hosting an oral health awareness campaign in association with Burjeel Hospital April 10 to 12, from 2 pm until 10 pm at the mall. Burjeel’s team of dental specialists will be available for free oral health check ups and to advise community visitors on the importance of dental health.

“The Deerfields Oral Health event presents an opportunity for adults and children to increase awareness and enhance prevention, early detection and treatment for a healthier smile,” adds Bruce von Kaufmann, Deerfields Townsquare Mall Manager.

Burjeel Medical Center located at Deerfields is specially designed to serve Abu Dhabi residents’ primary healthcare needs with specialized services including Dental.

“It has always been Burjeel Hospital’s ambition to provide the highest quality healthcare services to Abu Dhabi residents,” explains Dr. Charles Stanford, CEO of Burjeel Hospital.

“By associating with Deerfields, we are further extending our services to the residents of Al Bahia and neighboring areas. This exciting new community campaign brings hospital quality and expertise closer to you.”

The Oral Health event also includes a raffle draw, allowing nine lucky visitors the chance to win the Best Smile whitening treatment from Burjeel Hospital, worth Dhs5000 each.

“The Best Smile draw is in the spirit of caring for the community we serve,” adds George Samir, Director, Burjeel Hospital Dental Department.

“It is our simple way of telling our patients, we care.”

Deerfields Townsquare is a community pillar for both leisure and lifestyle while constantly participating in health awareness programs. Collaborating with Burjeel Hospital is a natural extension of Deerfields’ initiatives towards the betterment of society. Being at the heart of the community is the goal as we continue our efforts to build a happy and healthy lifestyle for our customers.

For more information, contact:
Natasha D’souza
Communications Executive
Tel (04) 447 0977