WISE learners’ voice students arrive in Madrid

June 4, 2014 3:21 pm

The second residential session of the 2014 WISE Learners’ Voice Program will take place in Madrid, Spain, 1 – 14 June 2014. Part of a year-long Executive Education program, the gathering will engage the learners in a full schedule of lectures and workshops on a range of topics such as social entrepreneurship, education, team building and leadership. The WISE Learners’ Voice Program is supported by Banco Santander, through its Santander Universities Global Division.

The World Innovation Summit for Education established the Learners’ Voice Program in 2010 to bring the talents and energies of young people to the task of rethinking education. The Learners tackle issues relevant to youth and beyond, from education to leadership and employment, and participate in high level events around the world. This year’s Learners, aged 18 to 25, come from 23 countries. The full community of WISE Learners’ now numbers over one hundred.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Ph.D., Chairman of WISE, said, “The Learners’ Voice Program provides a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to build their communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to effectively engage with key decision-makers in the world of education. By the end of the year, the 2014 participants will be prepared to utilize the abilities developed during the sessions in Madrid to propose innovative solutions to some of the most challenging global education issues. Assisted by our partner, Banco Santander, this year’s Learners will apply their abilities as the next generation of education decision makers.”

Emilio Botin, Chairman of Banco Santander, said, “For Banco Santander it is a great satisfaction to support the Learners’ Voice Program from Qatar. Connecting this magnificent leadership program to our network of cooperation agreements with top universities worldwide is one of our main contributions to the program.”

In addition to the courses and workshops, teams of Learners bring together the skills and experience gained through the program to collaborate in conceiving, designing, and developing real-world projects. These collaborative projects address diverse challenges in health, environment, technology, and the arts toward identifying new creative solutions in education. Selected projects will be presented at the 2014 WISE Summit, 4 – 6 November in Qatar.