WISE ‘Play’ showcases innovations in games-based learning to local community

October 27, 2013 7:44 am

The latest World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), taking place October 29-31 in Doha, will be accompanied by a series of activities under the overall title of Play which showcase the growing role of games in learning at all stages of life.

In particular, WISE is inviting the local community to enjoy free, hands-on access to over 40 game-based learning tools from around the world at the Play 160 installation within Education City. The general public will be able to experience this unique collection of user-friendly 21st century learning materials via the WISE web site.

Play was developed in collaboration with Katie Salen, a leading authority in the field of game-based learning and Executive Director at the Institute of Play, a not-for-profit organization based in New York City dedicated to harnessing the educational potential of games, and with the art collective Trafik, known for conceiving interactive multimedia artwork that combines visual, material and digital elements.

Salen said, “One big goal of the Play program is to bring the world of game-based learning to life for an audience who may be new to the idea. We hope the program will both inspire and educate the audience about the many forms that games and learning can take.”

Salen will present a lecture at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) at noon on Thursday, October 24th on game-based learning, core-trends within the movement, the contexts in which this style of teaching can be used, and the impact it could have on the future of learning. Salen will also conduct a workshop in partnership with VCUQatar during which students will develop game design challenges.

The Play 160 installation, designed as an artistic tribute to game-based learning, uses latest developments in the fields of light design and kinetic art.

“Combining the approach of game-based learning with our own design and programming skills, Play 160 immerses the public in an intuitive experience where visitors of any age may discover, rediscover and play with the basics of color, geometry as well as musical composition,” says Pierre Rodiere, Founder and head designer of Trafik.

The three strands of the WISE Play program are:

• Play 160, a major interactive installation that will illuminate Education City from October 24th to November 2nd The installation will be on display at Education City’s Ceremonial Court from October 24th to November 2nd (from 4.30-9pm) and there will be special public access during this period to facilitate visits and hands-on experience of the unparalleled international collection of 40 game-based learning tools, organized around nine major subject themes.

• The 40 game-based learning tools from around the world will be made available through the WISE website.

• A lecture and workshop at VCUQatar by Katie Salen. She will also speak at WISE 2013.

H.E. Sheikh Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Ph.D., Chairman of WISE, said, “WISE seeks to transform education through all possible forms of innovation. Game-based learning includes two indispensable elements for success in this task: it gives students control over their learning environment and it combines learning with entertainment. I am confident that this year’s WISE cultural program will appeal to learners of all ages, and I extend a warm invitation to all members of the local community to experience WISE Play at Education City during the next 10 days.”