WLP Success conducts first ‘Fail Forward’ workshop in UAE at Triburg

August 31, 2014 4:44 pm

WLP Success, a leadership development training consultancy run by Susan Castle and Donna Needs, recently conducted its very first “Fail Forward” workshop in the region at Triburg Freight Services, a third-party logistics firm based in Jebel Ali. The workshop was hosted on the company’s premises in Jebel Ali and was attended by more than 20 employees that represented all the divisions within the group.

The workshop was interactive and required Triburg employees and management alike to share their failures and the lessons learnt from these failures. The workshop went on to show the team how to generate positive action from failure and how failure contributes to innovation. The workshop was co-hosted by Susan Castle and Donna Needs. Susan Castle has been a coach and trainer since 1997 while Donna Needs has been a training professional and coach since 2004.

Sakhi Mallya, Business Development Executive at Triburg and the initiator of the workshop, said, “We learnt that the team have been afraid to make mistakes and how to deal with this. Through this workshop, we have, now, not only learnt how to learn from these mistakes but not to be afraid to make them. They (the team) really enjoyed the workshop. They really needed to have their voices heard about some of the things that would contribute to the overall success of the company and that is not a bad thing.”

The workshop had segments that showed the teams how to tackle problems and how these could, quantifiably contribute to the growth and success of the company.

“Most organisations are so busy focusing on success that they forget the mistakes they have made and to make the most of these mistakes,” said Castle. “Our workshop shows them that to really innovate you need to fail fast, fail cheaply and fail often. It’s not about how often you make the mistake, it is about how you handle it and move forward,” Castle added.

The Triburg team realised that all of them had the same innovative idea during their brainstorming session and used the rest of the workshop to put concrete action plans together towards making that idea into reality. The management plan to host similar workshops on a regular basis throughout the year.

Mallya continued, “Since the failure workshop, we have seen significant changes in the way our teams communicate and perform their tasks. We have seen them develop better systems and take ownership of tasks, further improving our efficiency levels and productivity. I highly recommend similar workshops by WLP on a regular basis to enable organisations to create better and more efficient workplaces.”