Women account for 60% of illiterate residents in KSA, study shows

August 24, 2014 12:38 am

Central Department of Statistics & Information studies showed that Women account for 60% of illiterate residents in the Kingdom. Almost 730,000 women cannot read or write, according to the study. More than 426,000 men, by contrast, are also illiterate, Arab News reported. The study also found that women account for only 17% of the total number of doctoral degree holders and less than a quarter of the 166,500 master’s degree holders. The study, however, found that women account for 72% of master’s degree holders in the 20 to 24-year age bracket, showing promise among young female graduates. Around 1,217 women who secured doctoral degrees are in the 30 to 34-year age group, slightly outnumbering men in the same age range. Around the same number of teens from both genders are illiterate. Astonishingly, almost 15,000 boys and girls in equal measure cannot read or write in 15 to 19-year age bracket despite enhanced educational initiatives.