The world in 2020: a quick overview

February 26, 2017 2:20 pm

Over-population is being looked at in a positive light today. (Image: Alamy)

* Overpopulation can be a benefit, providing billions of mobile-enriched citizens

* Connected billions will create the new paradigm for the world

* There will also be millions who are social-media dependent and brainwashed by ‘fake’ news


It’s a beautiful, sunny day in 2020. Let’s see what’s cooking: today, the world is divided into four major categories: first, population-rich and knowledge-rich nations; second, enlightened alpha dreamers and the “rest” of the populace.

Let’s go microscopic.



Decades ago, overpopulation was considered a curse, a real burden on the country’s survival and feeding needs. Today, this is considered a blessing; each citizen with mobile technology is becoming a trading post and an online transactional centre, bringing added economic power to the nation.

With access to the entire world in their pockets, massive population clusters with minimal survival sustenance offer the best value of economic hope and a brighter future. Unlimited, free technologies provide colourful, untapped power that is rekindling massive entrepreneurial activities.  Population-rich nations are increasingly gaining smart power to lead the century ahead.



The knowledge supremacy of the West, primarily the developed economies, is now being stress tested. Knowledge, like water from holding dams, has broken free is flooding lands all over the world.

The new global age of knowledge is avilable to everyone, from remote native tribes in rainforests to isolated millions in villages to urban clusters. Knowledge-rich nations will have to re-learn how to compete and survive against highly agile and low-cost brilliance, shining in dozens of new and emerging powerhouse nations. The monopoly of knowledge has been shattered.


Alpha dreamers:

The mighty multi-billion plus globally connected people; rich and poor, educated and illiterate, employed and unemployed, young and old, all races, levels and faiths, BUT somehow all inter-connected, exploring, discussing and preparing for the future head-on.

The global age’s alpha dreamers have rejected past economical models, old institutions and layers of bureaucracies.  They understand the new need for creating a media-free, truth-based, global-friendly living. Though seemingly isolated, in solos or in small crowds, huddled in remote places, appearing insignificant, people are finding that when they combine their special talents, they get a billion possibilities, plus a new special force.

This force of global=age execution is larger and more powerful than any single nation; it is more informed and resilient than any super power and more talented and productive than almost the total productivity of the entire globe.

They are the voice of the future, quietly moving mountains with only the sound of clicks; their silence should not be ignored. With many major elections teetering in massive peaceful regime changes, they will drive global consciousness.

The global-age thinking of alpha dreamers is embedded in their collaborative deployment of sustainable prosperity models. Their silent voices will peacefully change regimes and create the new world “un-order”.


The rest:

The remainder, the rest of the world, will comfortably walk the earth, at ease and not objecting to being brainwashed by fake news.  They are busy and gullible to fake ‘dog whistle’ politics and are content to live in a la-la land of holographic economies; this “rest” of the world is just humming along.

It is very slightly aware or completely unaware of what’s going on. This loud and vocal majority is social-media dependent and tele-prompter-intelligence trained. They primarily respond to sound bites, as everything else is politically incorrect.

They also represent the largest part of society, spread all over the world and coping in their own style.  They are busy and tackling various battles. They are very smart in their own way and will find their own groves to eventually fully transform to global realities in time. There is no rush.

FACT: In approximately 1,000 days, we will arrive at 2020.


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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