World Medical Council – MediBiz TV Awards presented on 23rd May 2014

May 24, 2014 12:59 pm

The world witnessed the prestigious WMC-Medi BizTV awards for the year 2014 on May 23rd, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Dubai. The mega event was enriched by the presence of delegates from all round the globe. It was a special occasion where the different arms of the gobal healthcare industry joined hands together.

WMC – Medi BizTV Awards honoured the stalwarts of health care industry for their contributions to the field of Medicine & Healthcare. Award categories included Life Time Achievement Award, Excellence Awards for Entrepreneurship and Excellence Awards for Corporate Organizations.

WORLD MEDICAL COUNCIL is a non – profit organisation dedicated to the overall development of the healthcare industry. WMC supports the field of medicine, by developing close knit relationship among different medical associations and their related departments and aims to cater to the needs of the entire medical fraternity under a single roof. WMC is currently chaired by Dr.George John, a renowned Sports physician.

Medi BizTV , the first Global Health Care TV channel, is promoted by BizTV Network, a renowned name in the entertainment sector. They are the pioneers of the world’s first maritime channel – Marine Biz TV. Sohan Roy, the maverick young businessman, mariner and Guinness Book entrant is the inspiration behind this project. He is also the director of highly acclaimed Hollywood movie DAM 999 which got selected for the 54th academy awards. The channel is beaming through the Satellite APSTAR-7 and would cover Asia, Australia, Middle East, Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe. Medi BizTV is made available in the UAE on evision network (channel No.621)

“Medi BizTV is being aired with a great number of programmes dedicated to the healthcare sector. All the programmes have been planned to be informative and innovative, at the same time entertaining. We hope to see Medi BizTV bring out benign changes in the healthcare sector,” said Sohan Roy, the CEO of Medi BizTv.

Programmes would cover a myriad of topics, including Motivational and spiritual aspects of life; lifestyle diseases; healthy eating habits, Fitness, Baby Care, Yoga, Medical Wonders and Medi News.

Along with the announcement of WMC- Medi BizTV Awards 2014 , the venue witnessed the launch of Medi BizTV in the UAE on evision.

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