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Xerox Emirates supports best practices for sustainable environment

June 2, 2014 11:27 am

Xerox Emirates, a member of the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba group, announces 56% increase in their Toner and Cartridge Collection Program, an environmental project to recycle waste toner cartridges. In 2013, over 2500 kgs of waste toner cartridges were collected from customers, and in the first four months of 2014, over 1300kgs have been collected. The program ensures customers, employees and the community as a whole function in a sustainable manner in order to preserve the local environment.

The ‘Think Before You Throw Your Ink’ program, is a toner and cartridge collection project sponsored by Xerox Emirates and organized by EnviroServe, an organization in the UAE that offers environmental product, services and consultancy to support best practice and savings for all businesses throughout the Middle East. In order to encourage businesses to go green, the on-going campaign collects and disposes any Xerox and non-Xerox waste toner and printer cartridges from businesses across the UAE.

Xerox Emirates is dedicated in leading the way in ecological protection by using the latest developments in environmental technology to educate enterprises on sustainability as a way of doing business and not an extra cost. Currently Xerox Emirates have over 40 customers actively participating in the Toner and Cartridge Collection Program in the UAE amounting to over 300 KGS of e-waste per month. The process is a simple one, interested organizations are provided with branded recycled boxes, delivered to them by Xerox Emirates.

Once received, the boxes are filled with any waste toner and cartridge, by all manufacturers and from all kinds of photocopiers, printers or fax machines all of which are collected by EnviroServe within the week and shipped to recycling partners in Europe who ensure that all waste supplies are disposed of responsibly and in full compliance with the Basel Action Network Guidelines.

“Xerox embraces the responsibility of protecting the environment and ensuring good health and safety of its employees and customers. We strive to ensure that the use of our products and resources does not endanger the society. We will continue to develop energy efficient documents systems for our customers thus supporting the development of a sustainable environment,” stated Andrew Horne, General Manager, Xerox Emirates.

EnviroServe has been working with United Arab Emirates Federal Environment Agency (FEA) to monitor and identify issues affecting the environment. Serving each customer in the most efficient way possible by ensuring quality in their services and value for money is what EnviroServe is committed to. Mr Stuart Fleming, CEO, EnviroServe, stated, “The ecosystem that we are currently living in is threatened by serious environmental issues due to the developments in technology. By enabling the community to recognize and address these issues we aim to safeguard the environment. The toner and cartridge collection program sponsored by Xerox Emirates will help keep the country clean and encourage businesses to go green.”

In addition to the Toner and Cartridge Collection Program Xerox Emirates is highly invested in technologies and document-management solutions that allow enterprises to reduce their carbon footprint. With programs such as, Xerox’s ENERGY STAR and innovative printing technologies such as Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toners, organizations are able to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Software products such as DocuShare, SMARTsend and FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection help Xerox Emirates’ customers reduce paper consumption by simplifying electronic data management, scan to e-mail, print-on-demand and distribute-then print workflows. Enterprises are able to better prevent and manage their waste with Solid Ink Colour printing technology which uses compact, ‘cartridge-free’ ink sticks with no plastic casings, reducing print related waste by up to 90%.

Xerox Emirates is committed to highlighting and educating the community on the importance and benefits of environmental protection and sustainability. All environmental technologies and programs are always conducted in a manner that safeguards and protects the environment. Furthermore, all initiatives conserve valuable materials and resources for Xerox Emirates’ customers in addition to protecting the environment.