Zain Bahrain continues to support youth & partners up with Polytechnic’s Annual ICT Exhibition

January 22, 2015 2:13 pm

As a leading telecommunications provider, Zain Bahrain continues to extend its support in developing the ICT sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and nurturing the young talents by partnering up with initiatives that develop the next generation of talents.

Under its key initiative, the Future University Network (F.U.N), which provides young Bahraini’s with the desired skills for the workforce, Zain has been a strategic partner of the Bahrain Polytechnic’s Annual ICT Exhibition in which students display their graduation project. With this strategic partnership, Zain Bahrain focuses on providing students the opportunity to develop new ideas that improve the customer experience and internal processes.

“The FUN program concentrates on benefiting the youth be developing their employability skills and creating a pool of diversified Bahraini talents who will add value to the corporate world. With this focal point, this partnership has been a step forward towards grooming and nurturing final year university students to develop their graduation projects. Our mentorship is in line with our CSR strategic approach which focuses on education and empowering the youth,” said Pakiza Abdulrahman from Zain Bahrain.

“This term we were pleased to mentor student, Tuqa Hasan Sanad on her graduation project which was to develop a Cloud – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI),” Pakiza said.

“The main objective of the FUN program is to support university students, and the Annual ICT Exhibition provides the right platform for students to translate their work experience into graduation projects. We are very proud of Tuqa who joined Zain Bahrain as a FUN team member, working her way from the Call Centre to the IT department. Throughout her mentorship, she has worked closely with the IT team to develop her Virtualization project,” Pakiza added.

Inspiring community spirit has always been one of Zain Bahrain’s core values. Since its inception, the operator launched an integrated and strategic approach to CSR focusing on education with a concentration on youth development and empowerment, youth and children with special needs, technological awareness and environment.