Zain invites customers to celebrate Mother’s Day at the Avenues Mall

March 20, 2014 4:38 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced that it will be organizing a special celebration of Mother’s Day 21st March at the Avenues Mall, where all of the company’s customers and their families are invited to have a memorable experience on this heartwarming occasion.

Zain explained in a press statement that customers and mall visitors are to witness a series of activities during the event that will be held at its special booth, located at Grand Avenue. The company stresses its keenness on having a different take on celebrating Mother’s Day every year, gathering children from all age groups with their mothers to celebrate this occasion together.

The company further stated that all of its customers and their families are invited to participate in the many activities that will be held in its booth. These activities, designed to express one’s love to their mother, will include a special photo booth for taking memorable Polaroid photos, as well as a children’s drawing area, allowing them to express their love to their mothers in their own unique ways.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager said: “Every year, Zain celebrates this very heartwarming occasion in its own way, and this celebration comes from the company’s core belief in appreciating the great role of motherhood. At Zain, we are committed to draw smiles on people’s faces by sharing the joys of various occasions, ones such as Mother’s Day. Through this annual celebration, we are promising the public a wonderful family-centered time with the multiple activities that awaits them. Zain is committed to the community as a whole, and our contribution with such an event resembles our utmost will to share people’s joys on important occasions, especially such occasions that reflect one of the company’s core values; (Heart).”

As a leading Kuwaiti telecommunications company, Zain is socially dedicated to celebrate and take part in important celebrations as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. This way, Zain continues to highlight its commitment to sharing special occasions with the people of Kuwait.