Zain organizes annual Omrah trip for employees

March 19, 2014 2:16 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, recently organized the annual Omrah trip for employees and their families to visit the Sacred House in Mecca and the Holy Mosque in Madina. This activity forms part of a number of religious and social initiatives conducted under the auspices of Zain’s employee-based social responsibility program, and reflects the company’s enthusiasm to support and enhance the spiritual lives of its staff.

Zain was keen to engage its employees and their families in this spiritual trip, in which the total number of people who participated reached around 150. Employees and their relatives were sent on an all-inclusive trip to Mecca to perform their Omrah rituals, as well as Madina to visit the Holy Mosque. The travelers were accompanied by honorary participation of Sheikh Badr Al Hajraf, who described the importance of the religious spirit of Omrah through seminars and lectures.

The trip was not only restricted to visits to the Holy Mosques, but also included a visit to Prophet Mohammed’s Museum in Madina, coupled with several other activities that included both cultural and religious competitions in which all employees and their families participated.

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