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Zara opens in ABC Achrafieh

August 30, 2014 9:33 am

As part of one of the largest retail groups worldwide, Inditex Group, and since it opened its first store in 1975, Zara has carried out a progressive expansion that has taken it to 87 markets across all five continents. Today, Azadea Group, representing more than 50 international franchises in the Middle East and North Africa, inaugurates Zara’s seventh store in Lebanon in ABC Achrafieh, showcasing the brand’s unique approach to fashion to a demanding and fashion conscious audience.

Nowadays, Zara has more than 1,900 stores located in hundreds of cities in all five continents. Its retail presence has done nothing to change its customer-centric approach to business.

Today, with the opening of its ABC Achrafieh store, Zara showcases its latest image. Its interior design highlights the importance of direct customer contact with Zara’s products in an interference-free and beautiful environment. The essence of the new Zara store can be summed up in four words: beauty,clarity, functionality, and sustainability.These four principles are the corner stones of its newest store in Beirut,a space which invites the customer to enjoy as never before the experience of feeling, touching, looking at, trying on and interacting with the merchandise.

This architectural endeavor captures the essence of Zara’s new identity, an identity designed to showcase and make the most of the retailer’s fashion-forward ideas without superfluous flourish. Neutral and uncluttered spaces enhance the themes under pinning the collections that come to life in clean cut and functional surroundings. The idea is not simply to exhibit the clothing but also to create an environment, which brings out the best in the collection by setting it against the right backdrop: lighting, materials, and shapes. The idea is to create dialogue between the clothing and the space to stimulate shoppers’ interaction.Inside the store, product is organized intocubes, to serve as dressing rooms; intimate areas in which the shopper can create a personal look building from the ideas put forward by the brand. Transition from one area to the next is highly intuitive, so that the store as a whole is perceived visually as a single, flowing space.From the shopper’s standpoint, the space becomes a catwalk for them to discover.

Neutral and uncluttered spaces enhance the themes under pinning the collections, which come to life in clean-cut and functional surroundings. The new store also incorporates all the sustainability and energy efficiency by the Group for all new stores,building from the showcase eco-friendly Zara stores on Portal de l’Àngel (Barcelona) and Via del Corso (Rome).