Zebra Technologies’ range of advanced mobile printing solutions for healthcare sector brings labelling right to patient’s bedside

January 28, 2014 8:17 am

Zebra Technologies, the market specialist in marking and printing technologies, is presenting its extensive range of healthcare mobile printing solutions – including a preview of a new mobile printer (QLn Healthcare) prior to its launch in the region – designed specifically for the healthcare sector, at Arab Health 2014.

Mobile printing plays a critical role in the healthcare sector, enabling the labelling of bedside specimens and samples at the point of collection; reducing the risk of errors and adverse events. In 2012, the mislabelling of samples caused 150,000 adverse events in the United States alone.

Zebra’s QLn Series Healthcare mobile printing solutions are small and light enough to be easily carried either on a belt clip or on a trolley and deliver labels at point of care, saving time and money and improving the patient experience, whilst enhancing patient safety. They are simple and easy to use and manage and can operate individually or in groups, and remotely through designed-in connectivity (Zebra’s Link-OS environment) and apps using mobile devices. Critically, they are also constructed using durable, disinfectant-ready materials so they can be quickly and easily cleaned in between each use and are easy to maintain.

The Zebra range of desktop and mobile healthcare printing solutions are already in use in the UAE across a range of hospital operations from patient admission desk to the bedside, as well as the medical laboratory and hospital pharmacy. Hospitals can print critical information such as dosage information and prescription labels, bedside sample collection, patient ID wristbands and staff ID cards using Zebra’s solutions.

“Zebra’s mobile printing solutions were designed to meet the needs of the healthcare environment and service providers and the quality standards demanded by industry regulators,” says Pratik Kajaria, Territory Manager, Middle East, Zebra Technologies Europe Limited. ”Mis-labelling in a hospital can lead to serious safety risks for patients and these mobile units can be used right at the patient’s bedside, for example when specimens are collected an associated label is printed directly at the point of collection, which meets the sector’s standards. It’s all about eliminating risk and saving time by making patients visible and giving them a ‘virtual voice’.”

Zebra’s healthcare solutions, including the QLn220 and 320, are certified and recommended by all of the leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) providers.

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