The Zubair Corporation sponsors Omani ice hockey team

March 5, 2014 12:14 pm

Part of its core strategy to support young Omanis and to help them sharpen their skills and improve their potential, The Zubair Corporation recently sponsored the Omani ice hockey team in their participation at the friendly ice hockey tournament in Qatar.

Shedding light on one of the least common sports in Oman, the sponsorship aims to give support to talented Omanis to represent the Sultanate in international sports, cultural and social events and competitions. The tournament is hosted by the Qatari ice hockey team in association with the Qatari Winter Sports Committee between 27 February and 1st of March 2014.

The sponsorship initiative by The Zubair Corporation comes in a timely manner, as the Omani ice hockey team had not participated in any international events in the previous year. The support from the corporation aims to provide the team with support and encourage them to represent the Sultanate internationally, while also promoting the sport of ice hockey across Oman, and encourage diversity of sports played by Omanis.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Abdullah Al Zubair noted: “Since its foundation, The Zubair Corporation’s strategy has always been to support young Omanis in all sectors, especially in the sports sector. The ice hockey team is presenting a unique sport which is slowly gaining popularity amongst the youth in the Sultanate. The team needs more time and more support to grow, and I personally wish the Omani team all the best in their participation at the Qatar ice hockey tournament, and I wish it will help promote the game among Omani youth.”

Anad Al Balushi, the coach of Omani ice hockey team, said: “The support given by The Zubair Corporation emphasizes the awareness of the corporation and its commitment to supporting young Omanis, while promoting different types of sports which are not yet very common in the Sultanate. We are working together with The Zubair Corporation’s support, to enhance the game, to promote it and see it grow and become more popular, both nationally and internationally.”

“This sponsorship by The Zubair Corporation gives support to the team and its board of directors and allows them to achieve their goals of participation in the international tournaments in the Gulf region and Asia. The team will meet Qatar next week in its first return to international competition after no participation in any international sporting events for more than a year,” he added.

The ice hockey team continued their weekly training over the past few days in order to be well prepared for the competition, despite the fact that a number of players could not make it to the tournament in Doha.


Priyam Chakraborty
Account Executive
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