Delta Insurance and GlobeMed Jordan sign partnership agreement

December 27, 2015 10:33 am

During signing ceremony

Delta Insurance, the deep-rooted Jordanian Insurance Company and GlobeMed Jordan, the leading medical insurance services provider signed partnership agreement in The Four Seasons Hotel in Amman recently whereby the latter will provide Medical insurance services to Delta’s clients in the Kingdom.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Zaki Noursi, General Manager of Delta Insurance and Mr. Samir Nahhas, CEO of GlobeMed in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Syria. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Insurance, and a number of chief officers from both companies.

This agreement aims to provide the latest insurance services by GlobeMed Jordan. It also seeks to enhance Delta Insurance presence in the Jordanian market and diversify its insurance services and products.

“The signing of this agreement aims to realize a quantum leap in the medical insurance services domain in the Kingdom as this agreement propels our new insurance programs to cater for all our clients’ aspirations. The new services include a great deal of medical insurance products and services that are diversified, advanced and flexible, thus meet our client’s needs no matter how they differ in nature,” said Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, Chairman of the Board of Delta Insurance.

Mr. Nuqul added that “The company strives to bring the latest services and products, stemming from its vision that is inspired by innovative scientific ideas, which encouraged us to forge such partnerships with world renowned entities in the sector, complementing our strong position that we occupy locally and on the international level.”

From his side, Mr. Noursi stressed on the keenness of Delta Insurance to provide quality medical insurance services that emulate its peers in the region and internationally. He emphasized on the company’s commitment to provide the best products and services to its clients both individuals and corporations, especially that the company enjoys high financial solvency ratios along with highly skilled team of employees who accumulated their expertise through the company’s continuous and advanced training programs.

Mr. Nahhas praised the partnership with Delta Insurance and pointed out that GlobeMed view health insurance as a synergy between several parties, including insurance companies, guarantors and medical service providers that all together strive to realize the one objective of providing the best health care services.

Mr. Nahhas noted that “GlobeMed’s experience in the Jordanian market although spans over three years period, it utilizes the expertise of GlobeMed Group which was the first company to provide health administrative and medical insurance services in the Middle East. He pointed out that the group operates in fourteen countries in the Middle East and Africa including Jordan.”

It is worth noting that Delta Insurance possesses a vast network of affiliates and partners in the Middle East and capitalizes on the cooperation of world renowned international reinsurance companies. The company provides integrated insurance services for the Jordanian market that cover individuals and companies.


AMEinfo Staff
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