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KFH: Four new investment plans to provide expenses of education, marriage, youths’ projects, retirement

May 26, 2014 10:44 am

Leading Islamic banking institution worldwide Kuwait Finance House (KFH) announced the launching of for new long-term investment plans that are the first of their kind in the Kuwaiti market, in order to reinforce the culture of planning for the future, and assist in savings for education, marriage, youths’ projects and retirement.

Chief of Retail Banking Services Mohammed Al-Fouzan stated that investment plans ‘Jameati’ for education, ‘Rafaa’ for marriage, ‘Enjaz’ for youths’ projects, and ‘Themar’ for retirement, are long-term and yield high investment rates. He explained that the client targets a sum of money that he wishes to collect in the future, and through an organized plan, this sum of money is saved during a specific time frame over monthly installments. He added that accumulative sums of money are invested, and clients receive annual investment profits, not to mention ensuring Takaful coverage during the investment period.

Moreover, Al-Fouzan mentioned that such innovative financial solutions will assist clients in taking carefully planned financial decisions, in addition to providing them with the necessary investment solutions to plan for the future correctly. He noted that such products and services coincide with KFH’s strategy to spearhead the Islamic banking products and services, in order to achieve clients’ investment goals, and secure their future.