Exclusive: Jashanmal Home reveals hottest homeware trends, strategies

September 28, 2018 12:18 pm

Jashanmal Home is a brand which has dominated the distribution and retail business in the Gulf since its creation in 1919.

The brand has been curating high-quality world-class products for the home including fine tableware, superior cookware, home appliances, gifting, luggage and more, for 99 years with over 150 stores open across the Gulf.

AMEinfo spoke with the Director of Jashanmal Home, Shuja Jashanmal, who leads his teams across different business verticals to achieve growth, market share, develop new markets and introduce new brands.

In his 30 years of industry experience, he collaborated with renowned luxury retail and beauty chains including Sephora, Elizabeth Arden, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name but a few, both in the UAE and across the Gulf countries and India.

Most recently, Shuja has focused his energy on establishing emerging concepts in the Middle East such as omnichannel retailing, through joint ventures and franchise arrangements.

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We asked him about the business in the following Q&A:

AME: What are the top 3 trends in the home-ware market today?

Jashanmal: In the interiors industry, we find that trends are cyclical – they always come back around with a new guise. The new trends taking a hold of consumers’ attention at the moment seem to be stemming from all things “retro”. What was hot in the 70’s and 80’s is back but with a digital, modern twist.

. Textures – Texture is a big thing this season! 3D effects, organic textures, matte finishes, and abstract designs will take over the homeware market in 2019.  Furniture which has a natural handmade feel with materials such as rattan and wicker is set to be even more popular. So too are textiles which are playful and irresistible to touch featuring lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details. The industry will be embracing the power of combining all these different textures whilst they’re hot commodities.

. Earthy Neutral – Sage is anticipated to be the new neutral. The muted green color, with undertones of grey, is gaining attention as it’s bolder than simple whites and beiges but still understated. Other pastels tipped to be big include soft mustards, jades, and olives.

. The New Metallics – Instead of rose and yellow gold, more industrial shades of metal are expected to become the favored choice. From brass to nickel – less high shine materials will add a more organic element to household space.

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AME: What is demand criteria sensitive to in the region?


Product Type – In most categories for interiors, with some ingenuity, products can be imbued with a sense of style, fashion, sensuality, and grandeur. Customers will be unable to put a monetary value to these attributes. This is not the same for hard-to-judge categories such as perfumes for example where the price has a lesser impact because the customers assume that high price and high quality go together.

Brand Value – If the brand can withhold its name, price and quality become secondary. It’s the product and history to its origin that matters most to the customer.

These criterions are most apt for the marketplace where our brand Jashanmal Home sits. We are a leader in offering customers bridge brands – brands synonymous with manufacturing legacy, quality, reliability, durability, and a bit of allure, without being overly expensive. We offer our clientele entry-level luxury down to prestige brand offering and positioning. The Gulf markets are certainly a myriad of preferences from super luxury right down to mass market. Within this broad spectrum, we see clusters of consumers who have different sensitivities. Pricing is critical at mass level; digital and speed are critical for millennial consumers; and for the Jashanmal Home customer, it’s a great quality product at a fair price.

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AME: What are the top homeware items on demand and why? 


. Dinner Sets – The region is filled with busy people rushing around with no time to spare. Eating out, ordering home delivery and having meals out of cardboard boxes has become almost the everyday norm so who doesn’t love to entertain in style? In the Gulf, entertaining is a big part of the culture and heritage so residents here love putting on a great spread with a beautiful dining set.

. Coffee Machines – Coffee is also a part of Middle Eastern culture – it was discovered in the Middle East hence the term “Arabica”. Fully Automated Coffee Machines are on everyone’s “Must Have” lists as it brings the luxury of freshly brewed barista style coffee into the home at just a touch of a button.

. Kitchen Essentials – Cooking real food at home is loved by elders and youngsters alike. Celebrity Chefs are very much admired at the moment with everyone aspiring to be just as good, so to help hone those skills and produce quality cooking, the right kitchen appliances are needed to create a kitchen fit for any budding chef.

. Bedding – The majority of Gulf residents live quite stressful lives and there’s nothing better than a good night’s rest to rejuvenate. Our customers are looking for that perfect sleep which is aided by good quality, soft, breathable bedding.

. Home accents and gifting – Visiting friends and relatives in the Gulf is usually accompanied with a gift for the hosts, so a lot of people are always on the lookout for that perfect present. Jashanmal Home has always been the destination store for that extra special gift for a loved one or a host’s home.

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AME: Can you provide Jashanmal Home’s….Growth over the past three years? 

Jashanmal: Our Jashanmal Home stores continue to outperform the market and have grown from year-to-year over the past three years to the tune of just under 10%.

….Revenue projections for 2018?

Jashanmal: We predict the revenues for 2018 will be 5% above last year.

…. Expansion plans? 

Jashanmal: We’ll be going into 2019 with a fresh new look and feel for our flagship stores as they undergo a complete makeover. We hope this will take care of the needs of our loyal customers who have been with us since the start of the Jashanmal Home journey, but also to the kids of these customers who are now young adults themselves building their own homes and families. This will also mean the opening of several new categories of product offerings in these flagship stores, so we can continue being that one-stop shop for all household needs.

Omnichannel retailing will be an integral part of Jashanmal Home’s retail DNA going forward. With this in mind, we will be offering multiple satellite stores catering to “click and pick” store formats as well as stores which can accommodate same day delivery. It’s an exciting time for the brand and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow.

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