When it rains it floods in Kuwait: Closures, damages, death, injuries 

November 15, 2018 12:18 pm

For the second day in a row, Kuwait is closed to business.

Colleges and public and private schools today (Thursday) as a precautionary move due to unstable rainy weather, according to Gulf Times.

“The decree is attributed to expected heavy rains and forecasts of unstable weather conditions in the country,” the cabinet said in its Twitter account yesterday.

Accordingly, the Civil Service Commission said today would be a day-off, pursuant to the cabinet’s edict, Kuwait news agency KUNA reported.

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Air travel suspended

Air traffic at Kuwait International Airport is still temporarily suspended because of the current unstable weather conditions hitting the country, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said Thursday.

Flights coming to Kuwait’s airport have been redirected to some GCC airports due to the impacts of the heavy rains on the visibility, DGCA’s deputy director general for airport affairs Fahad Al-Wugayyan told KUNA in a statement.

The flights were redirected to Saudi Arabia’s Ad Dammam and Riyadh airports, and Bahrain’s Manama airport, he noted.

All flights departing from Kuwait were delayed and all passengers were informed about new schedules, he pointed out.

Kuwait is currently witnessing unstable weather conditions and heavy downpours in some areas.

The volatility in weather conditions would continue until Friday morning, according to forecasts.

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Mayhem Wednesday

State-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has suspended work at all of its companies on Wednesday due to the extreme weather which has hit the Gulf state in recent days.

Kuwaiti Public Works Minister Hussam Al-Roumi resigned on Friday because of the extensive damage to public property caused by heavy rains and floods.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) lifted a state of emergency on Saturday following the flooding, in which one person died, and said that facilities were operating normally.

But KOC, a KPC subsidiary, said in a statement that KPC had suspended work at all its companies after the cabinet decided to suspend work in government institutions on Wednesday, including ministries and schools, according to Reuters

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), also a KPC subsidiary, said it had given its employees a day off on Wednesday, except those whose jobs required them to be in their workplaces.

“KNPC delayed the second pre-tender meeting for Al-Dibdibah Solar Power Plant project that was due to be held on Wednesday,” it said on Twitter, adding the meeting had been rescheduled for Nov. 26.

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Banking stopped

Kuwait’s stock market suspended work on Wednesday, as well. A statement published on its website said, “In accordance with the instructions of the Capital Market Authority, and due to bad weather conditions, Boursa Kuwait suspends its work one day, Wednesday, November 14, 2018”.

Kuwait Banking Association said it had also suspended work in all its banks on Wednesday. These banks include National Bank of Kuwait, Gulf Bank, Ahli United Bank, and Kuwait International Bank.

The decision was made in coordination with Kuwait’s Central Bank.

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Death and injuries

Flash floods after heavy rains in Kuwait killed one man on Saturday and damaged roads, bridges, and homes, officials said, as several oil firms, according to Reuters.

The health ministry said the man, aged 30, was swept away by the flooding as he tried to rescue his family from their home which was submerged in water.

An unspecified number of people were also reported injured in traffic accidents caused by the rains.

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