Video: The key idea may be yours; collaboration is how a business grows

June 11, 2018 10:13 am

OlgaKutsur, co-founder, and CEO of Mercaux, an end-to-end digital in-store solution for retailers, tells AMEinfo how she overcame the fear that the market wasn’t likely ready to adopt the technology she had in mind.

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After overcoming the challenges of securing her first customer, employee, and investor on board, Kutsur explains that among key criteria was to grow through collaboration while listening to employees come up with the ideas that drove the business forward.

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Olga Kutsur recently took part in the Global Start-up Bootcamp, part of arab luxury world (alw) 2018, the Middle East’s leading conference on the business of luxury. The Bootcamp, sponsored by TAG Heuer and Chalhoub Group, was held at the INSEAD Business School campus in Abu Dhabi.

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More than 25 start-up companies from around the world attended and later presented their company in a ‘pitch session’ in front of 600-plus industry professionals during the alw conference, two days later.

Watch Olga Kutsur tell her story here, as she conveys her leadership style for all to listen.


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