EMC boosts mid-range data protection portfolio

July 15, 2013 3:56 pm

The Massachusetts-based firm is aiming to integrate deeper storage and virtualisation with its new offering, ‘Mozy’, also announced as a new cloud backup platform.

At a Dubai press conference, EMC executives explained that the new product range is geared towards increasing backup pressures, virtual machine administration and associated server issues. As stakeholders seek to increase the control and visibility of protected environments, the idea is for IT administrators to manage and implement their own solutions.

What has often resulted from CIOs dealing with a diverse range of systems is now being coined as ‘accidental architecture’ – a fragmented set of data protection processes and infrastructure silos, the ownership of which is often unclear.

As a response, EMC has published the key tenets of its new protection storage architecture:

• Protection storage: The anchor of the architectures is cost – and capacity –optimised storage with high data durability that can deliver disaster recovery, backup and archive.
• Data source integration: Leverages both the optimised data flows and user interfaces of data sources including hypervisor, application and storage, to deliver the performance and visibility that the internal customers want.
• Data management services: A catalogue of all data copies, plus reporting and analytics, for compliance.

“Organisations must have an effective data protection strategy and infrastructure in place as they transform their IT and business objectives,” explained Robert Amatruda, IDC’s research director for data protection and recovery.

“EMC’s array of data protection solutions announced represent coalescence of proven, existing products with new features and functionality, allowing customers to free themselves from the antiquated backup products and processes to a more flexible, holistic approach.”

The new line-up will be available in Q3 and includes new mid-range data domain systems, extended backup and archive application support, data protection suite enhancements and new cloud backup functionality.

“Deployment of protection storage architecture, which arrests the proliferation of the ‘accidental architectures’ we talk so much about, is the best strategy for ensuring effective data protection,” saysGuy Churchward, president, EMC backup recovery systems division.

“Accidental architectures are an outgrowth of users addressing individual data protection challenges reactively as they arise, and applying costly silos or ‘one size fits all’ products and solutions that become difficult to manage, optimise and pay for.”