Exclusive Video: Is 2019 the year AI becomes commonplace in business?

January 24, 2019 6:11 pm

Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning at WEF.

The AI revolution is here, but most businesses don’t seem to have noticed.

“I think the principal challenge is bringing AI out from the labs and from simple POCs (proof of concepts) and into actual work within industries,” Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning at WEF, told AMEinfo.

At this year’s World Economic Forum, commonly known as the Davos summit, AMEinfo spoke to Firth-Butterfield to learn more about AI development and machine learning, which she believes is fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“We’ve been seeing people doing proof of concepts, but they haven’t really been using AI as widely as we would’ve expected. I think 2019 is the year that we will see industries finally getting to grips with it and using it more widely.”

Below, Firth-Butterfield shares her opinion on the matter.

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Mark Anthony Karam
By Mark Anthony Karam
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