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Ferrari begins deploying Kaspersky Lab security software

April 29, 2013 12:45 pm

The partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro was launched back in May 2010 at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The first stage of the partnership included sponsorship of the AF Corse Ferrari team at the Le Mans Series and the award of ‘Official Supplier to the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Team’ status.

According to Aldo del Bo’, Managing Director at Kaspersky Lab Italia, and Vittorio Boero, International Operations ICT manager at Fiat Group, Ferrari has now officially begun deploying the solution.

“The decision to move ahead with Kaspersky was made based on a virus detection last year,” Boero told a small group of media. Ferrari found that Kaspersky’s software was able to detect additional threats that had gone under the radar – and the carmaker also wanted to safeguard against mobile threats.

“I decided to move into some deep investigation into Kaspersky’s solution in order to understand if it was comparable or better than the one [largely] still in place in Ferrari – not only Zona Industriale (the main factory) but also our Formula 1 business, Gestione Sportiva,” he said.

After rigorous testing, Boro made the decision around mid-2012 to move forward toward a technical partnership, evolving what was previously just a sponsorship arrangement.

In cooperation with the Ferrari ICT department, Kaspersky Lab has tailored an endpoint solution that meets Ferrari’s specific needs. The Kaspersky endpoint solution is being installed on around 4,000 computers and a further installation will be rolled out over the next year to further additional devices to cover in effect, Ferrari’s entire application landscape.

“Obviously the decision was taken because we found some more advanced features in the Kaspersky software, compared to our current solution. Another factory was the availability and flexibility of the technical team and delivery centre in analysing our specific needs and in some cases enhancing their software for us,” Boero told AMEinfo.

“Although from a very different industry, Kaspersky Lab is linked to Ferrari by two key things – a quest for maximum speed and the drive to find synergies. We’re like the Ferrari of our field – fast to react to immediate threats and provide solutions to them, and fast to stay ahead of the pack and come up with new and original approaches to the security paradigm in general,” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab.

“And like the synergies found in Ferrari’s Scuderia racing team, where the best pioneering automotive engineering is combined with the world’s very best Formula One drivers and support teams, we too find synergies in the combination of our world-leading technologies and our elite team of ‘drivers’ – expert developers, analysts and all those who support them.”