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ITF to host GCC meeting in Kuwait

January 14, 2015 2:22 pm

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) is hosting its fifth GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) meeting at the Hilton Resort Kuwait on 26 January alongside an EOR/Carbonates workshop the following day.

Key researchers in the technology development community as well as global ITF members will attend both these events. The workshop presents a rare opportunity for experienced researchers to share current research within their field of expertise as well as areas for further research and how this would benefit the oil and gas community – all in front of a global audience of prospective ITF sponsors. All attendees will then discuss individual challenges in further detail and debate areas of research that are likely candidates for ITF Joint Industry Projects (JIPs).

The output from this workshop will be a clear list of challenges as well as the benefits of resolving them and how this may be achieved. This will form the basis of a call for proposals from ITF – an invitation to the technology development community to put forward solutions. It is expected that the call will result in the launch of a number of JIPs with up to 100 percent funding from the ITF membership.

Dr Patrick O’Brien, CEO of ITF said: “This event continues to bring together corporate level representation from GCC oil companies, service companies and other strategic technology stakeholders to debate the opportunities and challenges of collaborative technology development to benefit the region. After our last successful meeting held in Qatar, we are delighted to again provide the platform to network with subject matter experts and peers.”

ITF is also holding its Technology Showcase 2015 on March 4, with a focus on developing technology which will reduce costs and improve efficiency. There are a number of opportunities for technology and academics to showcase their innovations direct to key figures in both the operator and supply chain sectors.